Bill Clinton Father of the Year? Well, Okay, but…

So, Bill Clinton has been named Father of the Year by the National Father’s Day Council.


Okay, normally, I wouldn’t care about this or give it a second thought, but I’ll bite. Why this father of a single child (who is now over 30 years old, married and presumably on her own) and why now?

Actually, I am not even interested in the answer. But it seems to me someone like this father, Robbie Parker, might have been a more understandable and laudable choice. Under a time of great personal and national stress, grief and loss, he taught the whole country some lessons about grace and compassion. Sort of like a parent.

But congratulations, Mr. Clinton…(shrug)…I guess.

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  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    What a horror that shooting was. So many beautiful children dead, and so many devastated families trying to cope with the intrusion of monstrous evil into their lives. Mr. Parker sounds like a very kind man, in that he recognized how awful it must be for the shooter’s family to know that their beloved child could do such a terrible thing.

    As for politicians in general, the less said the better. “Think upon what is good, and true, ” etc.
    = = = = =

    To go waaay off-topic for a moment– can I ask you, Anchoress, and any readers who might be so inclined, to pray for a seriously-ill blogger? Lawrence Auster is quite ill, and a blog-friend of his named Kristor is organizing a “mass intercessory prayer” to be scheduled this Sunday, 01/13/13 from 5-6pm local time. Information is at this link:
    (and Kristor also describes how effective such prayer can be, using the example of his own son’s miraculous recovery after a massive cerebral hemorrhage.)

    So, please, everyone, you could be part of such a great (good grief, what would be the English word for Mitzvah??) (aahhh, umm, “good deed”; or maybe “blessing”); it would be such a blessing if you would take just a few minutes this coming Sunday (between 5-6 pm your local time) to offer up a prayer for healing for Lawrence. You could be part of a miracle! Thank you.

  • Manny

    I thought the same thing about Clinton when I saw it this morning. His child is grown up and married. She’s not even a child any more. And Bill was such a great father when she was a child? And what kind of a father-figure was he to a young intern named Monica? This is as big a joke as Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize after two months in office.

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  • Skay

    This group gave the same award to John Edwards in 2007.