Political Narratives or the Pope? Dross to Gold.

Immersion in Benedict resignation news, I find the worldly political stories to be stale theater in comparison to the richness of the words I am reading and the authenticity of the pope and the faithful as they meet. Dross to genuine gold.

In what is likely his last public homily, Benedict today said: “he reward of the righteous is God Himself, to be united to Him, here, on a journey of faith, and at the end of life, in the peace light of coming face to face with Him forever.” Part of me is sincerely hoping that by the time this story has resolved, I will never look toward the worldly arena again, or allow myself to be captivated-unto-distraction, and therefore diminished, by the continual noise of illusionists and their assistants, all vying for the money, power and influence that are themselves ephemeral and empty and completely irrelevant to their worth; used by the evil one to disorient the world.

When, in a world full of urgent issues, a sip of water becomes the nonstop topic of an entire new cycle, then willful distraction is at work. And, sadly, working.

Reality is within Christ and his church, the faithful. I pray I never forget it again.

H/T to Tom for the image. I like it because Benedict’s face is nearly obliterated. He elevates Christ, who is our focus, and he is focused on Him as well. The man, we know, is only the machine. Benedict wants us to look at Jesus only.

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  • Kevin Fraser

    In the weekly Audience today, he does look tired, but also serenely confident. Obvious is the lightness of one who knows precisely what he is doing, precisely because it is the will of God.

    Meanwhile, we are stuck with “a media eager to affect being scandalized.”

    This *has* to win observation of the day by Fr. George Wm. Rutler in Crisis Magazine (http://www.crisismagazine.com/2013/benedicts-decision-in-the-light-of-eternity)
    I Tweeted #affectingscandal

  • Another Brian

    Sounds like you feel like I do: I want to follow The Lord Jesus like St. Thérèse of Lisieux. I want to become small so the The Lord may become glorified!

  • Peggy m

    I also hope to find more distance from the noisy and silly world. This wish has become increasingly strong in recent months, and strange to say, I do think Pope Benedict’s brave and unexpected act has helped me down that road. It clarifies priorities—what matters and what does not, what is real and what is not.

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  • Maura

    I love this post. Dross to gold. Dross is such the perfect word for what you describe. Thank you. And thank you for the picture. So much more than first meets the eye.