May is for Mary, Mothers, Rosaries and Gifts!

The header is true! May is the month for all of that; it’s also the month for First Communions and weddings and graduations. And Mother’s Day. In May, everywhere you turn you are reminded that something is coming up for which you need a gift.

That alone should keep you wanting to seek out prayer.

Do you know who can help you out with all of those things? Our dear friends, the Dominican Nuns of the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary — the gals out in Summit, New Jersey!

On the prayer front, of course, the sisters are always happy to help out; they are each “a house of prayer and a temple of intercession for all people” and if you drop them a line they are only too happy to pray for your intentions, but they also open the public side of their chapel for daily mass, and certain devotions. This weekend, if you are in the area, they hope you will take part in their Rosary Sunday gathering:

We’ll pray the Rosary together, asking our Lady’s powerful intercession for peace, for conversion of souls, for the New Evangelization, for growth in holiness, for the sick and unemployed…for all of your special needs and intentions!

Guest preacher will be Fr. Augustine Reisenauer, OP, who was ordained a priest last year. We had the privilege of having him with us for his preparation retreat. The Holy Hour ends with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Please come, but don’t come alone! Bring along a friend! You can even meet the nuns in the parlor afterwards!

So, if you need a spiritual boost, you know where to go, but if you need gifts for Mother’s Day (I person think the “Gardener’s Basket” is a great gift for Mom!) or any of the many May-gifting-occasions they’ve got you covered there, too with a great selection of soaps, books, statues (I have that St. Dominic!), sprays and the ever-popular, best-I-have-ever-used skin cremes, lotions and cleansers.

Heck you can get Father’s Day Shopping done with too, and be ahead of things for few weeks!

I can’t recommend their products enough, and the nuns can really use your help as the “Affordable Care Act” (or something!) has badly impacted their yearly operating budget to the tune of over ten thousand dollars, so they can use the business, and they’re offering a good discount:

Any ONLINE purchase $25 or more gets an automatic 15% discount. No xyzw285 of a promo code to remember. Any $50 purchase or more gets an automatic 20% discount.

If you live nearby, you have the option of picking up your order, too, with 24 hours notice.

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  • TheodoreSeeber

    I want to hear more- how did Obamacare end up raising their premiums?

  • Peggy M

    I just ordered a bunch of soap and room sprays. I had given some as Christmas gifts and there were rave reviews. I would rather buy all of my soaps from them.

  • cmumma

    I bought my dh the “Gentleman’s Shaving Soap Gift Set” for Christmas this past year and he loves it!

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  • Imp the Vladaler

    Yeah, it doesn’t matter to me *why* these Sisters are in financial distress – if they need help, they need help – but I’m curious about the link between Obamacare and this expense.

  • Meggan Conway

    I too would like to understand how their financial woes are related to Obamacare. I’m not disputing it, I just want to know more. I’d support them no matter what.

  • MeanLizzie

    The sisters are like a small business; they have to buy their own health insurance. “Active” sisters often have their insurance costs covered within their ministry, contemplative sisters must buy their own. Having young vocations is wonderful, but it also means that the younger sisters do no have social security benefits or medicaid to assist with premium costs, as the older sisters do. Added to that are the differences to insurance premiums that are rising all over the country (my husband and I are watching our health care policy skyrocket as well) b/c of the Affordable Care Act. These two links can help explain that: and

  • MeanLizzie
  • Will Duquette

    Thanks for pointing out the books and the St. Dominic statue, as well as the soaps. Soaps don’t do much for me, but the statue is cool, and I found some books about St. Dominic that I hadn’t seen before.