Francis and Benedict and a Pizza with Anchovies

This is brilliant. Just brilliant. Thanks to friend Inge Loots for passing it my way, via, where you can go to embiggen the toon, and where I will now be visiting frequently!

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  • Romulus

    OK, I laughed. I needed a laugh. But let’s not pretend we can’t all read of Francis’s words for ourselves. Things have been said that can’t be explained by appeals to context, translation, misunderstanding, etc.

  • Nicholas Haggin

    This is the first thing in all the kerfuffles that has made me laugh out loud, and since laughter is the best medicine for pretty much anything, thank you.

  • Dagnabbit_42

    Maybe they have. Maybe they haven’t.

    In all sincerity, I can’t keep track.

    See, I have a job at a place that’s undergoing radical process-change requiring extra hours, and I have three kids under 10, and a regular gig as a church musician where I have to learn new material every week. And I attend the Methodist service with my Protestant wife, and Mass, and I’m sinful enough that I usually need to go to Reconciliation weekly if I’m gonna receive weekly, which I very much want to do. Oh, and the lawn needs mowing, both minivans need some work under the hood or in the wiring, the extension for filing taxes has run out so it’s gotta get done, and there’s all this praying and spiritual reading I oughta be doing every day which I somehow keep running out of time to do.

    Now, I’m one of those formerly Protestant folks who made the “mistake” (just kidding, Lord!) of reading history and thinking about the implications and, to my great surprise, wound up Catholic. I spent four years knee deep in Scripture and Church Fathers and essays about Christian epistemology off Called To Communion and stuff like that, for 1-3 hours a day. I mention that to establish that I’m normally the type of person who really gets his hands dirty analyzing the details.

    So normally I’d wade into this one, too. I’d exhaustively make a list of all the (hundreds of) potentially-problematic statements, identify the best 2-3 explanations of each, and try to number which ones were most problematic and least-explicable, and decide what to think about each of those.

    But right now, I just don’t have the time, energy, and patience.

    God is in control. The Catholic faith is not falsified by any of this, not even if the guy says an distinctively heretical thing and means it that way, so long as it’s in a casual interview and constitutes a mere passing thought of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and not an attempt to teach it to the Universal Church.

    Granted, if he did that, I’d be as disappointed and scandalized as anyone else and I’d pray for some Catherine of Siena to show up and scold Peter’s successor into shutting his trap until he’s gotten his theological act together.

    But even in that event, God is in control. Not, y’know, in an uber-Calvinist sense of sending some people to hell, or even preventing popes from sinning or making asses of themselves. But in the broader sense of being a Daddy we can rely on not to lead the family into burning buildings.

    So I’m just going to leave this kerfuffle up to Him. I’m too darned tired and busy to do anything else.