“Masses are Terrible, because Most Priests are Terrible!”

Okay, heinous language and a general sensitivity warning. If you are heinous language sensitive, or super-sensitive in general, don’t watch this. You’re warned. If you watch it anyway, and find yourself offended, please don’t complain to me about it, because you’ve been warned.

This brilliantly Irish rant of a routine was sent to me from a priest friend. I almost had a spasm from laughing. I’m not sure what sort of spasm, but I almost had one. Although I must say, our lovely Nigerian priests here on Long Island, though passionate, are delightful and holy men. And they like Luke.

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  • Brian Anthony

    im not sure what the point is…but i laughed uproariously!

  • Victor

    Anchoress! Anchoress! Anchoress!
    That’s not the way I remember the Gospel of Luc at all! The way I recall “IT” is that the man in the tree quickly jumped down after “Jesus” told him that he was having a meal at his home. This man then ran home and invited a prostitute and secretly gave her a bottle of oil for her to wash “Jesus Christ” feet with “IT”.

    Whom ever doesn’t like this gospel of Luc is butt luc warm. :(
    I hear YA! Relax Victor! I’ll be going to confession in Ireland as soon as I can find a priest who is not terrible. :)

  • Citizen Of Heaven in Pittsburg

    umm, I think he means Zacchaeus, no? … Zebedee was the father of James and John …

  • http://leelusplace.blogspot.com/ leelu

    …glad I had no beverage whilst watching that!!!

  • Maggie Goff

    Hilarious!! Thank you for the much needed belly laughs.

  • Veritas81

    It wasn’t Zebedee, it was Zachaeus!

  • Nicky


  • CSmith

    “We used to grow priests from bits of people we didn’t like.” :D

  • Nancy

    He sure got the Nigerian priest down well. That was so funny!

  • Frank

    Elizabeth Scalia likes Tommy Tiernan????

    I think I’ve just fallen in love with an anchoress. Because there’s nothing better than Tommy Tiernan!

    Just my weird way of saying thanks.

  • Francis

    I can’t stop laughing!

  • Fr Eric

    Thanks for posting. As a comedian the foul language actually captures what the people think of the tax collector.