“Take Christ Out of Christmas”? NYers React Like NYers

I love New York and this video nicely showcases why I do: atheists want to spend money on big electronic billboards urging the elimination of Christ from Christmas? New Yorkers say, essentially, “Oh yeah? How not interesting.”

They move on, more amused than perturbed. My peeps.

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The resolute desire to omit Christ from Christmas does make me believe that yes, there were supernatural objections that made themselves known one night in Bethlehem.

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  • Inge Loots

    I know a lot of food pantries who serve a lot of people, some of them Atheist, who could have done A LOT of GOOD THINGS with the money that was wasted on this billboard.

  • http://rosarynovice.stblogs.com/ Augustine

    I’ll check out the billboard for an atheistic ad about removing Mohamed from Ramadan next July.

  • Gapeseed

    It is obvious, but atheists feel they can waste their money because they know almost all practicing Christians turn the other cheek. I’d be much more impressed if they had the cajones to direct this sort of thing at Muslims during Ramadan or Jews during their High Holy Days. They won’t, of course, because they are cowards.

  • partofaplan

    I don’t think it serves the atheist community well to reduce philosophical assumptions to soundbites and memes. They become all proud about their wit and bluster, but eventually this navel-gazing is going to just make a bunch of assholes who don’t believe in God more than anything else. If that’s their end-goal, I suppose they’re going to do fine.

  • Patti Day

    Say a prayer that atheists might open their hearts to Our Lord. They don’t have a holiday because they have no reason to celebrate without Christ in their lives. That sign is just so sad.

  • TXRed

    Interesting, isn’t it? They never hire billboards decrying belief in Allah, Shiva, Astarte, Amaterasu, Zeus, Ahura Mazda, or Cernunnos.

  • Shannon Marie Federoff

    That would only work if a majority of Americans kept to Ramadan practices. Still, it would be funny to see the “brights” try it!

  • http://europa-antiqua-arca.blogspot.com/ para_bellum

    I find it odd that they’d rather remove Christ from Christmas than just remove Christmas altogether. Logically, you really can’t have Christmas without Christ. That’s why it’s called Christmas. You can have Santa, or Winter Solstice, or whatever, but Christmas is by definition the birth of Christ. Otherwise it is totally meaningless. Why would anyone want to celebrate a holiday that is meaningless?

  • Catseyes

    Remove the Christ from Christmas and you just end up with Mas- Spanish for more which makes Atheists sound like nothing but greedy materialistic fools. Well if that’s what they want.

  • http://rosarynovice.stblogs.com/ Augustine

    They don’t, because they don’t mind others who serve false gods. Atheists themselves serve many false and strange gods.

  • http://rosarynovice.stblogs.com/ Augustine

    Christmas without Christ or without Mass is meaningless.

  • http://rosarynovice.stblogs.com/ Augustine

    They have Festivus!

  • Margaret

    Why must they be mean? Why offend us? They probably have no problem ignoring Arbor Day—they could easily sleep in on the 25th.

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    Wonderful. There is no group of religious people who are more obnoxious than the fundementalist atheists. Like that one guy said, “idiots.”

  • http://rosarynovice.stblogs.com/ Augustine


  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    Here’s a related story:

    School Omits ‘Christ’ from ‘Silent Night,’ Upsetting Parents
    It got me so fringin mad. The comments reflected a lot of anger.

  • FW Ken

    A few years back, the local atheist group brought space on a bus to promote their “Good Without God” campaign. A Christian group started following the bus around with a truck sporting a counter-slogan, letters flew back and forth in the newspaper, and so on. I thought it was great fun, but the bus company chickened out and shipped taking ideological advertising. …sigh…

  • jenny

    Merry Christmas to NY-ers !!!!!!

  • jenny

    but they work behind the management to incite against Christians !!!!

  • Suzy

    Just the devil using the most dumb in society to do his dirty work..

  • Suzy

    The reason they attack Christ is because He is the only way, the only truth and the only life..love to see the look on their faces when they stand before Him, as we all will and give an account for our lives…sorry ain’t going to cut it then..