Finally! Catholic Diocese Owns the Crystal Cathedral


Well, I had thought the Crystal Cathedral deal was final last November, when I wrote about it on my blog.  Not so, though! The Crystal Cathedral's congregation, in spite of their bankruptcy claim, was understandably sentimental about the Orange County landmark; and they tried one more time to recover Orange County's architectural jewel. Yesterday, it was finally over.  A federal bankruptcy judge ordered the sale to proceed. Here (following) is my post from the week of the sale, includ … [Read more...]

THE POETRY OF FAITH: Once Upon a Time, Belief Was Normative

Chesterton with a small child

Doesn’t it sometimes seem that you were meant to live in a different age?  That the world has turned and somehow, you didn’t get the memo?I ran across an article on “The Poetry of Faith” which appeared in Time Magazine.  Published on July 1, 1946, it offered a thumbs-up review of a new anthology of Catholic poetry by the British poet Alfred Noyes.  “The greatest writing in human history,” said Time, “is religious writing.” Oh, how I ache for my beloved Church to be once again held in such … [Read more...]

ON TWO WINGS: The Artificial Separation of Faith and Science

Lonely planet

The heavens are telling of the glory of God;  And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. –Psalm 19:1Lonely planet:  It’s not a plaintive 1950s love song.“Lonely planet” is the name given by scientists to a recently discovered type of planet which floats freely in the dark, without a star to go around.A team of astronomers led by David Bennett of Notre Dame, using a 5.9-foot telescope in New Zealand, reported a few months ago in the journal Nature that they had discovered t … [Read more...]

The Glue That Holds the Universe Together

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. --Colossians 1:17Laminin is the building block of the human body, the glycoprotein which holds all together.And what does this glycoprotein look like? … [Read more...]

The Canopy and the Cosmos: What Kilmer Knew, What Sagan Never Dreamed

Tree - view from below

So away we drove, armored with a GPS and comfy shoes, on the Great American Road Trip.  We set off, sans itinerary, to visit relatives in Ohio, our son in South Carolina, and then….???These past ten years, I have been a frequent flyer—jetting here and there, facing jet lag but not road fatigue, frequenting airport terminals instead of gas stations. This time, though, we would be roaming along the highway, getting up close and personal with forests and fields, traffic circles and freeway over … [Read more...]

THE OLD LADY WHO SWALLOWED A FLY – Unintended Consequences: Kudzu, Digital Billboards, and the Birth Control Pill

Old Lady

Do you remember the silly children’s song about the old lady who swallowed the fly? The poor, misguided woman tried again and again to rid herself of her problem, by swallowing bigger and bigger things—a spider, a bird, a cat, a dog, a goat, a cow, and finally a horse—and she’s dead, of course!The Law of Unintended Consequences, popularized in the 20th century by American sociologist Robert Merton, is like that.  Someone does something, no doubt with the best of intentions, but the plan b … [Read more...]

Are You an “Organizer”?

This little bunny can show you how it's done! … [Read more...]

Turning on a Dime: From Chick Flicks to Purgatory


 Fill in for The Anchoress?  Cool!So just out of the gate, what do I do?  Talk about chick flicks.  Talk about crying, for Pete’s sake!Just in case I haven’t completely lost you big burly types (I mean guys), let me take a minute to wax philosophical.  I spent some time last year stewing about Purgatory, and I’d love to hear what YOU think.    PURGATORY AND PRESUMPTION:  Please Don’t Forget to Pray for Me Let’s play a game. Let’s imagine you’re dead.  You ate a rotten peanut, … [Read more...]

CATHARSIS THROUGH FILM: Why “The Notebook” Is the Only Film That Ever Made Me Cry


I am no one special. Just a common man with common thoughts. I’ve led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but in one respect I’ve succeeded as gloriously as anyone who ever lived. I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul and for me that has always been enough.–Duke (James Garner), “The Notebook”  I’m a pretty tough cookie when it comes to the movies.  I sit back and analyze the dialogue, deconstruct scenes and then imagine them diffe … [Read more...]

Umm….. Elizabeth? H-e-l-l-l-o-o, Elizabeth? Lizzy? E?

Nope, she’s gone—she’s really gone!!—at least for a few days.  And she left the three of us here to mind the store:  Father Dwight Longenecker, Elizabeth Duffy, and moi.Far be it from me to malign Elizabeth’s feet, but wow!  The Anchoress has left some Really Big Shoes to fill.  I think we can do it, though, if we work together.I can easily see why Elizabeth Scalia brought in the other two to help out in her absence this week. Father Dwight Longenecker is a renowned author and blogge … [Read more...]