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Kasper Apologizes; Suggests Catholic Media will Avenge Him!

Remember, just a couple of weeks ago, when Cardinal Walter Kasper was asked about the publication of Remaining in the Truth of Christ, which responded to his frequent public discussions on the reform of doctrinal disciplines?Kasper remarked, "that's how politicians talk."We could perhaps … [Read More...]


Pope Francis: No Commendatore, No Michael Corleone

It may have gotten a four minute standing ovation from his Bishops, but Pope Francis' closing remarks to the synod, which I thought were pretty beautifully wrought, are being praised-but-quietly by others, at least as I am surveying today.It seems to me people aren't really appreciating what … [Read More...]

Chose the Red One! But I Have Another Question…

The Deed is Done!Despite all the great suggestions -- both here and on Facebook -- which ended up giving me lots of places to go and waste time while oo-ing and ah-ing over stuff, and feeling quite the covetous-and-materialist thing, I had to go for the tried-and-true, and ordered the red … [Read More...]

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Please help me choose a handbag! Really.

Okay, all you girly-girls, I need some help! In a world full of crisis, I need to take a break and find a new handbag, and I am just no good at this. You gents are excused as you will no doubt find this completely frivolous.I've been carrying around this black Baggalini for at least 5 years … [Read More...]

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Howling Winds and Holy Souls: Let’s Talk Death

As we swiftly move toward November -- what Rumer Godden calls a time "full of howling winds and holy souls," -- the Patheos Public Square is taking a multi-channel look at death and religious customs, with Remembering the Dead: Ancestors, Rituals and Relics.This is of interest to Catholics … [Read More...]


Ivereigh on Realities of African Bishop Participation

Well, the clock is ticking. A final paper will soon be forthcoming from the Synod Fathers, and there will no doubt be drama, because there is always drama.But people should remember that no matter what is handed out from the synod it's still going to be, in a manner of speaking, a "working … [Read More...]

Hey, don't listen to those African bishops! Unless you're an African in Africa...and even then!

Kasper is Missing a Chance to Demonstrate Mercy – UPDATED

Cardinal Walter Kasper today addressed his recent remarks to a group of reporters, numbered among them Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register (and Zenit). You can get the background by reading through these posts. The controversy involved his words concerning the bishops of Africa -- which … [Read More...]

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New York is Still Competent, Even if Ebola Comes

The ever-gleaning Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit has caught wind of a troubling possibility being discussed.“New York City is a frequent port of entry for travelers from West Africa, a home to communities of West African immigrants who travel back to their home countries, and a home to h … [Read More...]


Pentin on Kasper: I did tape the talk, didn’t mention Zenit – UPDATED

National Catholic Register reporter Edward Pentin has released a statement in response to Cardinal Kasper's assertion that he never spoke to Zenit or made some rather inflammatory remarks on African Bishops. Writes Pentin:His Eminence Cardinal Walter Kasper spoke to me and two other journalists, … [Read More...]


Kasper: “Never talked to Zenit, Said That About Africans!”

A couple of interesting things:Primo: Cardinal Kasper is saying he never said anything about the African bishops or church and never talked to Zenit.On Twitter, Austen Ivereigh (whom you should be following, if you're not) offers a fast, "unofficial" and "working translation" picked up from … [Read More...]