Is Socialism incompatible with Religion, Monasticism?

A while back I wrote:The thing is, communism works in very small enclaves, in monasteries, for example, where everyone involved is entering willingly, is voluntarily looking to be denuded, is eager to “give stuff up” in an effort to attain something quite different from worldy “stuff.” Communism does not work, though, in a large-scale national situation whereby people are expected to sublimate themselves, their instincts and their ambitions for the good of the party. Socialism does not work. … [Read more...]

I’m no class warrior…

I have nothing against rich people. I'm not one, myself, but sometimes I think I wouldn't mind being a rich person. Not "super-rich," you understand, but comfortable enough to not be sweating student loans and having two kids in college...I wouldn't need a house on Nantucket, say, and I've never wanted a BMW or a Coach handbag (ugh)...but I think (and I believe most people probably would agree) that a little bit of wealth is not necessarily a bad thing. The world needs her St. Francis' but … [Read more...]

Modems, Routers and other Nightmares

If any of you folks are even bothering to check in here anymore to see if I'm posting, please know I would LOVE to be posting; I'd love to be a working blogger again, even on a limited basis, but as I mentioned in this post below, one unfortunate call to my provider, followed by one disastrous visit by a technician who seemed to know less about things mechanical/technical than I do - and I am hopeless - and the nightmare has simply gone on and on over here. I'm routinely out of phone/internet … [Read more...]

Sorry about the silence…UPDATED…TWICE

We switched phone providers and since Thursday it's been an adventure around here. The computers have been more down than up (they are finally up again) and the phone has problems that may remain until next Thursday. All of which has put me into something of a bad mood...but I'll try not to take it out on the rest of the world...UPDATE: I no sooner posted this and my whole system went down again. Tech is here now...we'll see how long this lasts. Ah, technology! He keeps asking me … [Read more...]

Verdi In Memory of Aussiegirl

Pianogirl sent to me this very imaginative video and I loved it, both because it is so creative, and because it reminded me of our mutual friend Helen Schieber, aka Aussiegirl, who left us just about a year ago.Helen was an exceedingly bright woman and I never read anything by her - on her blog or in her comments on various forums - that did not make me feel enlarged and privileged. She had a gentle spirit (she did not have to "work" at having Good Will, as I must), a keen mind, a sense of … [Read more...]

James Taranto takes batting practice

Taranto's Best of the Web column - always a good read - is particularly smart and funny today. Reading it is like watching a good hitter take batting practice, with one ball after another going out of the park. His first swing, "In Cold Blood" (wherein he examines a weatherman's assertion that Iraq may only be going well because it's so hot in July) is a home run, but it follows it up with other humdingers, little bits of idiocy perpetrated mostly by the press, but also by some pols: Because … [Read more...]

“Stuff you prolly ain’t seen” round-up

Let's take a turn around the internets, shall we, and what's fun and/or informative out there...Bang out of the Box, let's look at Christopher Hitchen's musings on our willingness to offend everyone but the Muslim. He writes:...if I choose to spit on a copy of the writings of Ayn Rand or Karl Marx or James Joyce, that is entirely my business. When I check into a hotel room and send my free and unsolicited copy of the Gideon Bible or the Book of Mormon spinning out of the window, I infringe … [Read more...]

Opus and Breathed take the pulse of the base

And ain't it the truth. … [Read more...]

Should dead guys be counted as partisan? – UPDATED

I dunno, maybe I'm just reading this wrong, but I looked at this very interesting study done by the WaPo, and I'm thinking...isn't Rep. Norwood dead? How can he be the most partisan guy in congress, if he's dead?He died in February of '07. I suppose some will say since he was a member of this congress for a few weeks, he should be included. Well...okay. But it still seems to me that even if that's the case, Mrs. Pelosi, who both lives and serves, should perhaps have had primacy in that … [Read more...]

Sorry for the silence…

My husband's laptop bit the dust and he needed to get work done, so he commandeered my unit for the weekend. Will be back Monday! … [Read more...]