“To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent” The first time I heard this phrase, I didn’t realize its origins were somewhat murky, just that it resonated in a way that was hard to explain. Yet, I did take one issue with it… “To Keep Silent.” I’ve been an activist of one stripe or another for most of my life. There exists video footage of me, age four, pointing to some trash floating in a river, and despairing at… Read more

For many creative people inspiration comes at a cost. We all have our own secrets; the things we’d rather not look at or talk about. Usually, it’s in breaking those things apart, that we find our power. Read more

When you have two husbands, two apartments, and two sets of holidays, life can get complicated. Learn from Ashleigh’s Poly Holiday mistakes! Read more

When it looks like Autumn during your Yule celebration, there’s something wrong, and it should be alarming for those of us who say we are a part of an earth-centered tradition. Read more

If you’re living in a place without that Great Big Pagan Community, please know this: you are loved and wanted in places you have yet to travel. Read more

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