Blog Troubles

I apologize for the disappearance of many posts.  I’ve been having terrible blog format problems since Blogger switched to its new format.Hope to have it all fixed soon.

"Israel should disenfranchise the Haredim: fascistic, theocratic, terroristic parasites upon the body of the Jewish ..."

Trumpism Unites Neo-Nazis, Jewish Defense League
"There are certainly some interesting bedfellows in the Trump coalition.The days of bad blood between ..."

Trumpism Unites Neo-Nazis, Jewish Defense League
"all the sycophants, pathological liars, con artists, corrupt and lowest of the low I expect ..."

Trumpism Unites Neo-Nazis, Jewish Defense League
"You clearly quoted the wrong person. Nevertheless, I guess you got a point. I'm not ..."

Reform Judaism Leads To Atheism

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  • Stu

    I know the feeling. I don’t like the new format at all..and have continued to lobby for the old format. On the other hand, you get what you pay for, I guess.

  • So sorry to hear Jeff!! The Atheodox Judaism blog ran into similar issues a while back, that he was able to resolve. you can contact him via his blog:
    Good luck!!

  • Every person I know who uses Blogger hates it.