… I get all kinds of emails soliciting all sorts of various things Catholic in nature. Today I received this link for t-shirts designed by VestaSacra. I’ve never heard of them but I am really digging this little number.

I’m gonna fake it to the left, and move to the right;
‘Cause Pokey’s too slow, and Blinky’s out of sight…

Damnit, now I have ‘Pac-Man Fever’ stuck in my head.

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  • Paige Deaner

    That is A-MAZING!

  • Anthony S. Layne

    What makes this shirt really bad is that now I can’t get OM-NOM-NOM-NOM! out of my head.

  • phil hughes

    This seems a bit too close to teasing about the Eucharist to be funny. Just sayin’,

  • JaneC

    I prefer their t-shirt with Pope Benedict’s coat of arms. Awesome.

  • Charanga Geo

    Yes, I agree with Phil. It’s disturbing, and not funny. Last I checked, I do have a sense of humor, unless it’s gone and snuck away on me again. But yeah. This is not good.