An ongoing debate…

… maybe you can clear something up for me.

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  • Sue

    You’re a terrible person! 😉

  • Tim Canny

    Although I am always happy to click that link I feel it is necessary to answer your intent in kind so…the Game.

  • Marion Barry

    Goddamn setup … I’ll be goddamn. Bitch set me up.

  • Bill Burns (AKA Theocoid)

    Not nice at all. Un-fun Friday.

  • Dr. Eric

    I love a good Rick Roll!

  • Christine

    I don’t care. I still love this song…better than the techno remix.

  • Ink

    Best RickRoll ever–my friend printed out pictures of Rick Astley, wrote the lyrics across the tops and bottoms of the pages, and taped them all over my desk. It was pretty funny.

    • The Crescat

      You really don’t want to go giving me any ideas.