Buen Camino…

… Jesus wants me to go on Camino. He keeps sending me these little signs, like the friendly Episcopalian I met at a Catholic Church who told me about the Camino he and his wife made. I mean really, the odds of that encounter.

I enjoyed all his magnificent stories and when he got up to leave he said “You know, you are already a peregrino. The minute you decide to make the journey your pilgrimage starts. You’re saving money and training for the Way, that’s part of the journey too.” Then he got up and left me with the departing words, “Buen Camino”, the wish given to other pilgrims you meet along the Way.  

It was exciting to hear those words spoken to me for the very first time. Those two words extinguised any trepidtion and doubt I was having about making the journey.

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  • I hope that you will be able to make your journey sooner, rather than later. I will keep this as an intention for you in my prayers. May God’s abundant blessings continue to guide and sustain you.

  • Karyn

    This reminds me of the Eastern Rite belief that Mass begins when you walk out your door. In other words, the preparation and attitude of your heart is what begins (and I would add, continues) your journey to God. Entrust it all to Mary, who draws everyone to her Son. Praying for you. God bless you.

  • Rfrendz

    You put your goals on Rome and achieved it. I know and believe in you, and in God’s help. I’m sure that He will open the way for you to make your journey. He may also open a new door that will speak to you. Just listen and pray for discernment. Love, dad