what the hell, seriously…

This shit has to stop. Is this how we solve problems now-a-days…

Apparently if you are whiny college kid, the most effective way to solve problems and express frustration when things don’t go your way is to have a property destroying hissing fit and temper tantrum.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/timcanny Tim Canny

    Way to stay classy Penn State.

  • Tim

    I don’t think the students were trying to solve any problems. They were protesting the trustees of Penn State trying to solve (or at least deal with) a problem, and a very big one at that.

    Someone needs to tell these kids that there are something bigger than football… and that they are no longer kids.

  • Dr. Eric

    Americans are waaaaaay too wrapped up in sports, music, and movies.

  • Gregg the Obscure

    Secular society is obsessed with removing actions from their ethical context (e.g. contraception), so it’s more and more common that people act like toddlers who only know what they want. Until these overgrown toddlers experience the consequences of their actions, they’ll continue to act out. A toddler finds “don’t play with matches” to be oppressive, but soemone with a bit better perspective understands why toddlers shouldn’t play with matches.

  • byzcat

    I live in a college town (one of the Big East) & car-turning, car-burning, property-destroying, etc. behaviors are not rare occurrences. We didn’t do that kind of thing when I went to college here 20 years ago.

  • elmo

    I could see rioting over the fact that university officials allowed kids to be raped in the shower, but to riot because these officials were caught and justly fired is just sick.

  • http://romishgraffiti.wordpress.com/ Scott W.

    It may well be that Americans are too wrapped up in sports, music, and movies, but it seems unfair when one considers things soccer hooliganism (which as I understand, has been curtailed somewhat with better security.)