Bruce Jenner on a Ledge, World Tells Him To “JUMP”…

Bruce Jenner on a Ledge, World Tells Him To “JUMP”… June 2, 2015

… I keep reading about how Bruce Jenner is finally being “true” to himself by becoming a herself. I guess when truth is subjective anything is possible.

How unicorns feel about Bruce Jenner

There is nothing truthful about Bruce Jenner’s appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair. It’s facial feminization surgery, synthetic hormone treatments, plastic breasts, corsets, cosmetics, studio lighting, professional hairstylists, renowned photographers, and photoshop. Lots and lots of photoshop.

It’s a gross caricature of womanhood. It’s pantomime. Sexist black face.

It’s insulting to imply that all you need to do to become a woman is have a team of handlers, millions of dollars, expensive surgery, and the media panting at your every move.

It’s yet again, another man telling us that we need to become Vanity Fair gorgeous to be a “true” woman.

And what about Bruce Jenner’s mental stability? Isn’t anyone concerned about the incredibly high suicide rate after sex reassignment surgery, or the fact the he refers to himself in the third person, and that he had a panic attack after his facial surgery?

And where is his family in this? Going along with this farce. Pretending he’s brave and playing along with his delusions instead of suggesting he seek psychiatric help post haste.

This is insanity.

It’s like the mob that yells “JUMP” to the man standing on the ledge.

When I first saw the cover I simply dismissed it noting that some people will do anything to stay in the spotlight. But then I began to see that Bruce is an emotionally unstable, mentally ill victim being taken advantage of by his paparazzi hungry family and the media.

He’s “treatment” has been intentionally fast-tracked, bypassing the necessary years of pre-surgery psychological evaluations, to meet production times with the family’s reality TV show and television appearances. What’s one man’s mental well being when everyone needs a buck and poster boy, right?

I really do pray the next time Bruce Jenner makes major headlines we won’t be reading about his suicide.

What other are saying: A professional photographer’s opinion from a technical standpoint, on respecting Bruce Jenner’s wishes to be called Caityln, two posts from our own Fr. Longenecker, and former transgender, Walt Heyer, speaks out against the trasngender delusion. More links to come.

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