Whatsamatta, St. Ann? You got selective hearing?

Whatsamatta, St. Ann? You got selective hearing? May 28, 2015

… Look. I’m writing about something that has nothing to do with dieting. Be amazed.

So here’s a happy story about a woman who prayed to St. Ann and got herself a man. Not just any man…

a Swiss Guard.

You want to call me obsessive about anything, call me obsessive about the Guardia Svizzera Pontificia. Sigh. So molto bello.

What’s not to love? Handsome, single, manly, and Catholic.

I’m happy for the soon-to-bride. No, really I am. I love that you all have sent me links about this news story. So. Many. Links. And look, she prayed to St. Ann, just like me. And it worked for her. That’s fantastic. So wonderful. What a beautiful story.

Can’t you see I’m brimming with absolute joy.


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