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  • Jeanne Chabot

    People don’t get that we send our children to catholic schools SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE we believe that they are not only going to have a Catholic education, but also a Catholic EXAMPLE.  DUH!

  • Deb Thurston

    I thought for a minute that you had been reading the Hosanna-Tabor vs. EEOC  Supreme Court case files.  Whew.  Okay, back to praying my Rosary for all of those “wretched Lutherans.”  [cf. St. Teresa of Avila]

  • Mary M.

    While I do not like seeing anyone lose their job; firing Ms. Dias was the right thing to do if we are going to be “serious Catholics”.

  • http://profiles.google.com/christinehebert65 Christine Hebert

    Ah, yes.  Those lovely schools that are called Catholic and hire anyone these days.  There are so many reasons I homeschool.  Our local “Catholic” school is one of them. 

  • kenneth

    That’s interesting, the pervert (a priest sworn to celibacy), who fired her got no consequences, and actually had the Church pay off one of his accusers. Apparently some “Catholic social teachings” are more important than others.

    I’d also be real interested to find out how her employers found out about her artificial insemination. That’s private health information under federal HIPAA law. I can’t think of any legit way they would have obtained that information, unless she voluntarily told them. If it was obtained through improper means, I think the school ought to be able to uphold its contract, but then the guy who fired her and anyone else involved can face the $250,000 fines and 10 year prison hitch for violating HIPAA. 

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      Clearly if you read the article in it’s entirety you would have seen where she disclosed the information to the school herself when she requested her maternity leave.  The article also says Fr. 
      Kiffermeyer was “accused” and a settlement was reached, added to remove focus from the real story. I see it worked.  Since it’s obvious he wasn’t found guilty to refer to a priest is calumny. 

      • kenneth

        The accusations against Kiffmeyer were never determined to be unfounded.  His bishop found the allegations credible enough to suspend him from sacramental duties for FOUR years.

         He was reinstated only because he filed a successful appeal to the Vatican and won his case on a technicality. Under Church law at the time, there was a five-year limitation on the reporting of such cases. These men waited something like seven. The fact that they were 18 at the time of the abuse also meant they could not be treated as child abuse victims in the classical sense. Nobody ever said Kiffmeyer was innocent. They said that old allegations couldn’t be used against him. If there were substantial doubts about his guilt, ie inconsistencies in the men’s stories, he could have used that to get his collar back a whole lot sooner. He did not. 

          Beating a rap doesn’t make you an innocent man. Just a clever and lucky one. Innocent men also don’t need “settlements” aka court-supervised bribes, to make problems go away. It’s also clear that the allegations of these young men are credible in a larger sense: There was a rampant culture of abuse at Elder, the high school where Kiffmeyer taught at the time of his alleged indiscretions.  He was one of three priests suspended over abuse allegations in a handful of years. I’d have to do more research, but I think the other men eventually faced laicization and criminal investigations, if not prosecutions. 

        On a technical basis, Kiffmeyer possessed the legal authority to enforce a contract rooted in voluntary adherence to Church law. Based on the example of his own life, his moral authority to sit in judgment of “following Catholic social teaching” is a different matter altogether. 

    • Linda R

      They found out because after they fired her the first time, she said, “Wait, I didn’t get pregnant by having intercourse, I did it with IVF,” thinking that would save her job. It didn’t. They then thought it over for 3 days and thought they could get away with it because of a “ministerial” exception case that a higher court had ruled on regarding the right of various churches to fire their “sinning” employees (wouldn’t that be all of us, at one time or another?). Miss Dias was not teaching religion, however, so it didn’t apply. Miss Dias is a Protestant and did not know that IVF was against the Catholic Catechism. No contract is legal in this country that contains provisions that defeat the Civil Rights Amendment, which provides that a pregnant woman may keep her job and must be given light duty, if necessary. In the old days, when I was working, pregnant women were routinely pushed out of the workplace or given new, undesirable jobs when they returned from their pregnancy. This was supposed to “send a message” to all of us other “girls” that we better not get pregnant and inconvenience our employer You are probably too young to have seen any pregnancy discrimination. It’s ugly business, let me tell you.

  • Linda R

    So the message has gone out to all you wicked women who have the audacity to believe that you may have a baby without getting permission from the various archbishops in this country: “All unwed pregnant girls who work for us will lose their jobs by our imperial edict.” Nobody can afford to lose their job today, so I guess that might cause a few abortions, huh? Where is mercy? Where is compassion? How about “What would Jesus do?” But they were sure compassionate to the guy who fired her, Fr. Kiffmeyer, and kept him on the payroll and coerced a tiny parish that might have to close down unless it accepts a notorious priest as its pastor! According to old Enquirer articles online, he was suspended for four years for attempted sexual assault of two 18 year old students whom he befriended and gave alcohol to at Bishop Fenwick High School. The archdiocese filed laicization papers on him with the Vatican to have him removed from the priesthood. The Vatican, after thinking it over a couple of years, gave him a written reprimand and told him to watch his manners and the Archdiocese was forced to take him back. In an effort to get their money’s worth out of him, they then placed him at Holy Family, which has a grade school! Holy Family is such a small parish that they had no ability to turn him down for fear of having their parish closed entirely. From news reports, he is on a leave of absence, so he still gets his paycheck. He was a lot smarter and hung tough, unlike some of the other priests who just slithered away. Nobody has the right to decide if a woman may have a baby. This is not an isolated case. Other pregnant women have been fired, including a woman who DIDN’T GET MARRIED FAST ENOUGH and the church figured out that she had had sex before her wedding day because the baby was born very early! Whoa! Why do these archbishops throughout the country feel that they have the right to deprive a woman of the greatest gift she will ever have in her life – her child. ESPECIALLY a woman who is not even Catholic. I guess they want to rule the world, not just their own flock. I also guess a pregnant woman is a LOT bigger sinner than a male priest who tries to sexually assault his own students, because it takes them so much longer to decide whether and when to fire them. The women, on the other hand, are thrown out like garbage immediately in front of their co-workers, to increase the humiliation factor. Shame on all these archbishops who do this. Show some humanity, and while you’re at it, all of you “contractual” people who hang your argument on the fact that she was “under contract,” read the Civil Rights Amendment to the Constitution of the United States regarding the RIGHT of a woman to get pregnant and keep her job, and, further, the DUTY of her employer to provide a less demanding job, if necessary, so she can safely carry on with her pregnancy. The contract they made her sign does not override the Constitution. If it were so easy for employers to force us to give up our Civil Rights, we would all be signing 50-page contracts and we would all be their slaves. No contract can deprive you of your civil rights. If Miss Dias had miscarried from all the stress and humiliation and cruelty that was shown her, this might have been a multi-million dollar suit. The archdiocese got lucky there. And please, all of you girls and guys out there who have committed an kind of “sexual” sin, according to the Catholic Catechism (and you know what a long list that is), please quit going to church and giving them your weekly envelope, because you are plainly not welcome there. Okay, that’s it. My blood pressure is going up, so I’ll sign off and hope some of you see the light.