Can you figure out which character each canine is…

Volkswagen’s new 2012 commercial.

Starting from the bottom row, left to right

First Row
1- Princess Leia
2- Luke Skywalker [?]
3- Yoda [?]
4- Ewok

Second Row
1- Jabba the Hutt [?]
2- Han Solo
3- Chewbacca
4- Darth Vadar

Third Row
1- C-3PO [?]
2- or maybe that’s C-3PO
3- Then who the heck is that?

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  • Tim

    These Star Wars commercials would be better if they added a computer-animated, annoying, odd looking creature who steps in the poopey for comic relief.

    • Katrina Fernandez


  • Lisa Rickards

    I think the pug on the left end of the 2nd row might be R2.  The dog in the middle of the top row might be Obi-Wan.  The bulldog on the right end of the top row is a stormtrooper – black eyes like the helmet with a gun on his side.  Just my 2 cents.