don’t you hate it when you fall asleep at Adoration and no one wakes you up because they think you’re deep in prayer…

… FYI, if a person is snoring and drooling they are probably not in the throws of ecstasy and it’s ok to give them a bit of a nudge.

Shhh, he must be having one of those vision things.
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  • robertgwirth

    I sometimes fall asleep during adoration.  Fortunately, I go with a friend, and she has instructions to wake me up when it’s time to go.

    What’s kind of embarrassing is that sometimes I fall asleep reading a devotional book, and the clunk of it hitting the floor wakes me up.

  • Heide

    My husband and I have the “midnight hour” (12-1am) once a month at our parish.  Once, right after we arrived he propped his head on both hands and remained in that posture for some time.  I thought he was deep in prayer until @20 mins. into the hour, when he began to snore!  I almost got a bad case of the giggles right there in front of Jesus!

  • Tanya

    Who’s been telling you stories about me? Sure, you changed the gender for “identification purposes” but I know…

  • It’s kinda fun when people twitch or snort when they realize they were falling asleep…except when you’re the one doing it.  There is definitely a fine line between contemplation and sleep 🙂

  • Jeanne Chabot

    Ha ha ha… that was me last Sunday.  Except I was standing and nodding off, and almost keeled over… caught myself in time  🙂

  • rosmerta

    What’s really embarrassing is to sleep through the alarm that was supposed to wake you to go to Adoration in the first place. I finally had to admit my weakness and change my Adoration time to early evening.

  • JacqueB

    Kat… you never cease to make the people of God so REAL. Thank you, because sometimes I think people like me don’t belong, but you always make me feel the company of Jesus is for me too!

  • Michaelpjones1

    I used to take the 3-4AM hour and I would occaisonally doze off.  Once our associate pastor woke me up.  He had been watching Sho-Gun and was so excited that he couldn’t sleep.  He decided to say mass right then – just the two of us – and give a long sermon on the exploits of St Francis Xaivier.  I made it home in time to get ready for work.  I’m sure that good priest is spending eternity with with that Jesuit saint.  RIP  

  • Manny

    Well, you never can tell what a person does in the throws of esctasy.  😉