I just had an Epiphany! Oh, wait. Never mind then…

Adoration of the Magi by Fray Nicols Borrs, c. 1570

… As someone noted about the arbitrary nature and silliness of moving around feast days for the convenience of the laity, why doesn’t the USCCB just go ahead and move Christmas and Ash Wednesday to Sunday and be done with it? This past Christmas made martyrs out of Africans traveling to midnight mass, most traveling many miles on foot at the peril of their own lives, and certain Bishops here want to move things around so Americans won’t be burdened with attending mass during a week day.

So does anyone know how or why US Bishops have secured this authority to move things around? It’s not really a universal move to not celebrate feasts with the rest of the Catholic world.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1415495544 Lisa Rickards

    I rather like being inconvenienced by the non-movable feasts.  I think we should put them ALL back where they belong and leave them there.  Why AREN’T we celebrating Epiphany today like the Holy Father did???  We’re still celebrating the Kings here today – our King Cake from New Orleans should be arriving via UPS any minute now.  On a side note, the Wise Men made an appearance at the parish’s creche this morning.  I’d like to think it’s because it’s REALLY the Epiphany for us “regular” folks, but I’m pretty sure they’re just there since our twice-monthly Latin Mass will celebrate the Epiphany tonight.

  • susan

    I HATE the movement of feasts.  It’s especially uncomfortable as a catechist trying to emphasize the importance of those 40 days after the Resurrection that mark the Ascension….40 days; important number on so many levels.  And then to have it pointed out that a Sunday Ascension is 43, and to try to explain why the American Bishops think we’re somehow ‘special’ in the UNIVERSAL Church.  Lord, please bring us back to orthodoxy…right worship and right teaching; and please strengthen and enlighten our shepherds to lead us on the straight path, not the meandering, downward path of convenience, laziness, and error.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Inara-Howard/1229293869 Inara Howard

    makes me crazy…how do they even come up with this stuff?  Who was the guy who said “hey, let’s ask if we can just put Jesus in people’s hands so they can walk off with him?”  & “how about we make meatless Fridays optional during ordinary time, since I’m sure the laity will come up with all sorts of other great penances to do instead” ?? :o/

  • Daniel Barrett

    It’s the same here in England.  It’s vexing. 

  • http://sainteasy.blogspot.com/ Paige Deaner

    I wrote a blog about it! sainteasy.blogspot.com

    I don’t like being held less accountable for being Catholic. 

  • tj.nelson

    Think of it this way – you can celebrate 12 Night and Epiphany day without having to go to church – which means you can stay drunk till Sunday and celebrate Epiphany again.  Or something like that.

    Seriously – we can celebrate it now and then again on Sunday – or until Sunday.  Do as the bishops say – not as they do.

  • susan

    excellent point Paige…”The soft bigotry of low expectations.”

  • Fr Fisher

    While we can argue whether the Sat/Mon rule (created by the USCCB) is of value.  The General Norms for the Calendar instruct that if Epiphany or Corpus Christi are not days of obligation in a particular place they are of such importance that they are to be transferred.  This was actually a response to the reality that in the US that even before the Council (since the 1800′s actually) Epiphany and Corpus Christi were not Holy Days of Obligation

  • whimsy

    I KNOW that I never see as many people on Holy Days of Obligation (except Christmas/Easter) as I there are who attend on Sunday mass.  I don’t hold it against the bishops to concede to the sheep and let them hear readings that they wouldn’t have heard otherwise.  

    God must love crappy Catholics because he made so many of them!

  • Anonymous

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