here’s a fun game to play…

… I’m not sure if you noticed but the frequency of posting has been slowly declining. You see, I am writing a book. Well, a field guide type of book anyway. An ornithological type guide to nun gazing complete with categories, genus, species, and order. There will even be an endangered and extinct section. I’ll let your imagination run rampant with that one. Needless to say it’s kept me quite busy.

The research has proven quite fascinating to learn of the different orders and their distinctive habits or lack there of. In the process of gathering my info and pouring over the countless images of nuns I started playing a little game with myself. It’s called Find The Nun. The rules are self explanatory; find the nuns from the photos below.

I confess to having made this particular game easy but sometimes it is very hard spotting the nun. Very hard indeed.

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  • Michael

    I suspecy that they ALL are nuns, (or sisters as I suspect very few of them live in cloisters)…

  • Stephanie

    Okay, definitely numbers 2 and 4 from the left in the top row.

    I’ll also go with #2 from left in bottom . . . yeah, and put me down for #3 next to her as well.

  • Lydia

    They all are, or “sisters” as they would probably call themselves.

  • Danphunter1

    Probably the ugliest ones there.

    • Honestly, I don’t think any of the women shown are ugly. This isn’t a beauty contest, just a fun game to see who can spot the religious.   

    • GeekLady

      *sigh* Why is it always an attack on a woman’s physical beauty?

  • drea916

    The one at the bottom left is too young to be “that” kind of sister. (that kind = Sister pant suit)

  • Dan

    4, 5 and 7 in order

    • Dan

      #1 is the only one I missed.
      The rest are alright looking.

  • Alix

    Is it #2, 4, and 5 on the top row, and #1 and 2 on the bottom? I’m working off of a (poorly developed, I’m sure) theory here… 

  • drea916

    The bottom middle, and the top right, are sisters.

  • Ceitagh

    2, 4, 5, and 7 are my guesses.

  • Robert_H

    I’m going to parse your text here & note that the name of the game is Find The NUN.

    I definitely recognize Sr. Keehan. Number 2 in the second row. And if you click on her pic the file name gives it away.

    So I vote for the pro-Obamacare Sr. Keehan as our only nun.

  • Willmarrero

    2 and 5 in the top row and 2 in the bottom row.

  • tj.nelson

    All of the above except for the bishop in the middle of the last 3 – bottom row.  Can’t remember his name though.

  • Vincenzo

    Belinda had a similar wacky game series a while back –  “Real Estate Agent or Nun? You decide”  –

    •  I remember her game.  I couldn’t guess them right over there either. It really is amazing looking at all these photos I have how it’s so hard to tell. Sad really. I’m sure it’s no surprise to you, but they are all ending up in the category “Endangered” in my book. 

  • Andy

    ! When I was in grad school at CUA some years back, we used to joke about putting together a Field Guide to Catholic Religious Orders. We would see Brothers, Sisters, Religious priests, etc. all the time on campus and in class. “Look! A Discalced Carmelite! No, wait, that’s some type of Franciscan, I think.” etc.. A field guide would have been handy. Their garb, native habitats (charism/apostolates), history, etc.

    • I think everyone does that whenever large numbers of Catholics congregate and the religious are out in droves.  It’s a fun game indeed. Should I include score cards or BINGO cards in the book too? Instead of BINGO it would say HABIT, of course.   

  • Seraphic

    Second row, middle. Absolutely. The others may or may not be nuns, but Second Row Middle could not be anyone but. 

    Top row left has a bit too much make-up, but she does have a tiny tell-tale lapel pin, so I think she might be. Top row 4 and 5 also give off strong nun vibes. 

    • WOW! You’re good. Better than me in fact. You guessed them all correct. The nuns here are sort of infamous, why I thought it’d be easy. 

      #1 is Sister Barbara Reid 
      #4 is Sr. Margaret McBride
      #5 is Sr. Elizabeth Johnson
      #7 is Sr. Carolina Keehan 

      The rest are simply an administrative assistant, librarian, event planner, and commercial broker. 

      I have to know… what vibes did 4 and 5 give that tipped you off. Research, you know.

      • Fred K

        I missed #4, but the colors on #5, oi.

      • Seraphic

        Oh AWESOME! I win! I win! Listen, five years in an IBVM school gave me my magic nun-identifying powers. They do rayon and power suits like nobody else.  Okay, well, #1 had the tiny lapel pin and the slightly inappropriate if light lipstick and the slightly inappropriate if  tiny earrings.  Number 4 also has total modern nun jewellery plus The Haircut. Number 5 has the earrings and The Haircut, and the same smile as Number 4. Modern nuns are still nuns, and they have similar smiles.  Number 5 also looked like other nuns I know, although I am amazed to discover she is Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, since she looks Latina to me, and it is Latina nuns she reminds me of. And Number 7 has the strong man-face that has MOTHER SUPERIOR all over it, and you can practically see the old-time wimple around her head.  Does this help?

        • Alix

          The *smiles*! THAT was my theory! I did get most of them, but the lapel pin thing is genius. Well spotted!

  • I almost didn’t recognize her without her pen…

    oh & I will totally buy your book!  My daughters all want to be pink nuns :o)

  • Mamamayerle

    In your research have you come across the Sister Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara? If you haven’t, be sure to check them out. I think you’ll want to definitely hug all of them!

  • Karen May

    Bottom row middle, DEFINITELY! And also maybe top row right?

  • well……a nun is cloistered, a sister need not be, so technically non of them are nuns…..sigh.  sister pants-suit.