I missed my calling…

… It is apparent I was never meant to be a nun, not after the skillful display I put on this evening. I got the highest score ever at a local laser tag place. My missed calling…


Did I have an unfair advantage against a room full of frightened children taken off guard by my shrieks of “See you in Hell, Klaus”. Maybe. But no one ever said war was fair. I don’t see why the other parents were so mad at me. You would think they would be shamed by their progeny’s severe lack of survival skills. Those little kids will never survive a zombie apocalypse. That’s just bad parenting.

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  • robertgwirth

    I really like your new picture!

  • Rfrendz

    Well now, I want you on my team, when we go to play lazer tag.  Loser has to wash the winners car.