I will say it again and again till I’m blue in the face and passed out on the floor – WOMEN DESERVE BETTER THAN ABORTION …

… Abortion hurts women. It crushes their spirit. Destroys their lives. Breaks their hearts. Leaves them emotionally raw and vulnerable. Makes them feel their self worth is diminished.

Abortion is not just a “medical procedure”, if it were there would be no need for post-abortive support groups like Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent No More. People aren’t typically suicidal or racked with life long guilt after a simply surgical procedure. If abortion is nothing more than the medical removal of a clump or cells or tissue than logically one would not expect such an emotional response when discussing the subject.

It is clear to see from this interview that this is not the case. Abortion hurts women and kills children, but don’t just take my word for it. Listen to this tearful interview given in 2010 by Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, rapper in the musical group TLC, discussing her abortion from the early 90’s. Almost 20 years after the fact the emotions are still raw. Twenty years.

H/T Fr. John Hollowell.

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  • Ironiccatholic

    You’d like Feminists for Life.  That’s their motto….

    • patheoscrescat

      I do like FFL. A great deal. 

  • Janice Palko

    The two friends who came out during our prayer group about their abortions recount horror stories of being coerced by boyfriends into the procedure then dealing with tremendous guilt and shame.  Thankfully, they have been forgiven and are healing, but they never get over the regret.  My heart aches for them.

    P.S.  Stumbled upon you & I love your posts.