what’s on the menu in Catholic Heaven…

… There’s this place in Charlotte that serves the best Mexican food I have ever tasted – I’m sorry, Abuelita, forgive me. But yes, the two sisters from Nuevo Laredo who run Las Margaritas on Independence Blvd can make you feel like your stomach has died and gone to Catholic Heaven.

Catholic Heaven; that culturally diverse part of Heaven where all the Papists hang out and dine, drink, and dance. It’s also the part of Heaven where the taps never run dry and there are rivers of beer. Just ask St. Brigid, she’s knows.

Pints of Guinness for all! My Father's got this round.

So naturally the cuisine on our side is going to be superior to the Protestant side. Tea and cucumber sandwiches? Fancy a game of cricket? *Yawn*. I think I just bored myself thinking about it.

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  • Michael

    I hope there’s BBQ in Heaven too. All the ribs one can eat!!!!

    • Sherry

      Think how long they’ve smoked….ahhhhhhhh. 

  • Seraphic

    Thomas Aquinas would be severely annoyed by the BBQ idea.

    • Have you ever wanted to give Benedictines powered doughnuts and BBQ & ribs to Trappists? I think it would be fun to watch them try and eat without soiling their habits.  But that might be just me. 

  • Tcn

    My (then Lutheran) husband was quite surprised when we adjourned from a Catholic funeral to the Church basement for dinner and beer. This was not the “fellowship” he had come to know in the Lutheran Church, where the strongest thing they served was Folgers Coffee, black. He claims it was the funeral of JPII that brought him into the Church, but I suspect the beer.

  • Iris Celeste

    But you said your abuelita was puerto rican…  Generally speaking puerto rican (like most of the Spanish Caribbean) food has more of a Mediterranean influence, while Mexican has more of a North American Indian influence…

    I’m sorry, this Boriqua is very insulted, and she will defend your abuelita’s honor!  You are comparing apples with oranges!

    Iris Celeste

  • Joseph

    The BBQ comments made me start to think. If we would want some good smoked pork, brisket, and/or ribs what would we do? I think there should be a contract with those in purgatory to be the cookers, since they live in a fire pit anyways. Just saying…