When did lunch time become so complicated…

When did lunch time become so complicated… September 23, 2014

… So my son comes home from school and tells me about this new lunch time trend. Bento boxes. A Bento what?

Bento boxes are elaborate and intricately designed lunch time meals stuffed in cutesy little boxes. They usually have a popular theme and, like all things nauseatingly adorable, originated in Japan.



In other words…


Firstly, depending on the age, kids should be making their own lunch. Secondly…


I’m doing good to throw a can of soup in a bag and remember to toss in the can opener.

I mean, seriously. What is this? It’s cute and all, but come on.

Remember when lunch looked like this…


And we liked it.

Well, maybe not liked it, but we ate it. That or starved, right?



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