I am now announcing my political endorsement for 2012…

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  • Oiboyz

    I’m with you.  That’s the right basis for a system of government.

  • Michael

    I’m opening a camel lot

  • Mimi

    Funny, my husband’s too :) 

  • Tim

    What’s their position on swords in stones?

    I’m for ‘em.

  • http://twitter.com/bcsny47 Brian Sullivan
  • Gregg the Obscure

    Well, I hope the pond in which you eventually lie is clean and warm ;-)

  • Anna

    I still kinda like Sweet Meteor of Death…

  • Karen

    My bumper sticker (which I bought shortly before the election in 2008) reads: “Don’t blame me. I voted for Laura Roslin.”

    It really covers all bases.  Those who are irritated with the current regime leave me alone because they find it amusing, in a “shoulda written that one in” kind of way, and those who support the current regime figure I must be a crazy crankpot anyway, and leave me alone.

  • Paul Catalanotto

    You’re passing our free swords?!  I’m in!