I love my Pope…

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  • Diapeepees

    Me, too, I was explaining to the kids the other day, he’s like a grandpa. 

  • Anonymous

    Poor Holy Father.

    He went to Mexico and could only get as far as Guanajuato because the American and European Freemasons have overrun the rest of Mexico.

    Including the Basilica where the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is housed.

    He asked for prayers when he first became Pope that the wolves not devour him.

    He uttered the battle cry of the Cristeros; Viva Cristo Rey!

    I was extremely happy that he did not allow satan devil worshiping Aztecs to ‘bless’ him on this trip.

    It is a sign of hope to us.

    Pray for the Holy Father.


  • Nathaniel

     In reference to your tag, I don’t love him because he is a reactionary protector of child rapists.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      Consider yourself unceremoniously banned, Nathaniel.