It’s Women’s History Month…

… or is it Womyn’s History Month, or Herstory Month? Either way, I’m not one to pass up a celebratory anything. So in earnest expression of sister solidarity I will now share with you my favorite sandwich recipe – the classic BLT.

Now where did I leave that sandwich?


2 pieces of White or Wheat Bread
6 Slices of Cooked Bacon
Lettuce or Spinach
One Fresh Tomato
Pepper [optional]


Slice tomato and dress both pieces of bread with mayo. Layer bacon, lettuce and tomato on one half of dressed bread. Top the sandwich with the other piece of dressed bread – mayo side down, ladies. Depending on your husband’s preference, you may remove the crust and slice the sandwich. I recommend a single diagonal slice. Place sandwich on plate. Adding a side item to the sandwich is optional, though forgetting to bring the beverage is utterly unacceptable. To maximize the full essence of the bacon you may wish to prepare the sandwich barefoot; however, pregnancy has no effect on flavor.

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  • Robwardle

    I can’t believe you are still single!

  • Stephanie A. Richer

    No tuna fish?!

  • Michael

    I thought the classic BLT was on toated bread…

    • Katrina Fernandez

      What am I, Martha damn Stewart now? How the heck should I know… I had cereal for dinner last night. 😛

  • doughboy

    where’s the banana & jelly with peanut butter?

  • robertgwirth

    Is it acceptable for me to ask my wife to serve the sandwich nude?  Obviously, one should not even *think* of frying bacon nude, but . . . . .    😉

  • Karen

    Today I am doing my part to subvert the feminist agenda by cooking dinner for my husband and kids (pork chops and potatoes in the crockpot, cherry crumble in the oven right now). While barefoot in the kitchen.  And potentially (though not very likely) pregnant.

    Also, i thought it was Black History Month? Geez, women don’t get their own month either?  We gotta horn in on somebody else’s celebratory month?