Your Friday is about to be made more awesome…

Fillion Friday

Ms. Libresco spotted this nugget of “Fanfilliontastic” geekery.

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  • Tim

    The Vice-Chairman of the Board. 

  • Anonymous

    I loved the Captain Hammer shoutout.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      His fist isn’t the Hammer, you know. 

      • Anonymous

        I kid you not, the first time I watched Doctor Horrible with my mother, she said, “Wait, what’s the Hammer?” right before he returned.

  • Lola

    Lola’s cravin’ some Men from Malta. 
    Can you help a girl out?

  • ms. anthrope

    And now Mr Adam Baldwin will guest star on “Castle”.  Can life get more fun?  ( I know, if only the WHOLE Serenity crew was back, sigh)