caption contest…


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  • Michael

    O God, Bill! Quit the song & dance bit. I’m better than you at it anyway.

  • Calah Alexander

    Well, this is embarrassing. He got caught in the Oval Office with his pants down and America still likes him more than me. 

  • TotusTuusFamily

    A Rat pack, maybe…but can they sing?

  • RichFader

    “Miss me yet?”

    (Not only is he just the man to ask that question about himself, the Clinton Library gift shop sells a line of “I miss Bill” merchandise.)

  • Contra Mundo

    Isn’t it bad enough I have to put up with Hilary?

  • blipfillypicklepoo

    Send in the clowns!

  • L.

    “I TOLD you to vote for my wife, didn’t I? Now you’re stuck with this guy.”


    “…and in Arkansas, the women have boobs thiiiiiiiiis biiiiiiiiiig.”

  • Thomas Collins

    I’m baa-aack!

  • Mary Moskowitz

    The man has gone totally bonkers!

  • Calah Alexander

    “Did somebody say Columbian prostitutes?”

    I really wish I could take credit for that but I saw it on facebook…