Holy water as a crowd dispersal weapon…

On Sunday, activists from the Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers, a lay Russian Orthodox organisation, dispersed a group of protesters gathered in downtown Moscow near the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour by dealing with them in a distinctively brutal and Russian way; dousing them with Holy Water.

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  • Danny

    All I can think of is this being some kind of Russian biker club, “Sons of Orthodoxy.”

  • Ad Orientem

    Even better these people are not just devoutly Orthodox… they are MONARCHISTS.


  • nbwooden

    We need a group like that here; and they can sprinkle Holy Water on the LCWR!

  • Patricia

    I am all about the use of sacramentals to dispel the devil & his minions, but forget sprinkling…would it be sacrilegious to blast holy water through a fire hose?

  • Charles in CenCA

    That post is one of your best finds ever, Kat! The mind reels! It has it all- when bizarro worlds collide!
    If only Putin himself, shirtless, had fronted the Orthodox One Percenters!
    And in the soundtrack of the mind: Max von Sydow shrieking “Za powah of Christ COMPELLS YOU!”
    And underneath that, Michael Stipe “It’s the end of the world as we know it….”
    Go Mayans!

  • Ron

    Gotta get me one of those shirts!!!

    • Patricia

      You can probably find a shirt similar at Death to the World: The Last True Rebellion —

      • Ron

        Thanks so much!! What a great site!! Much appreciated.

  • Claude Heyman

    In Soviet Russia, Holy Water blesses YOU.

  • In all fairness they would probably throw buckets of it at the pope as well.

    • Ad Orientem

       Ummm yea. They probably would.