Molto Bello Monday – Eduardo Verástegui…

… God does good work.

And He obviously favors Catholic men.

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  • I miss the “Is Outrage!” box choice. He is quite easy on the eyes… Nice find.

  • Whenever I try to picture Jesus, I picture Eduardo (just don’t google images of his modeling days, or you will need heroic custody of your eyes not to be immediately in need of a confessor).

  • marcosandolini333

    Here is what a Roman Catholic Man sounds like:

    Adultery for a Priest is communion and cohabitation of Truth and error in the mind.

    No legitimate ‘babies’ can be born of this; the growth of the Faith is dead.

    The babies that are born of that union are bastards.

    Truth and Error results in no potency to have legitimate ‘babies’ (Faithful Catholics).

    Bastards without Faith, they will be heretics.

    They are called Catholics, but their Faith is dead, and they do not want to know what real Catholicism is.

    They want their processions, prayers, devotions, and social events while receiving sacraments, but they do not have the Faith.

    A bastard is the result of the adultery when you have a ‘baby’ from this Priestly adultery.

    The sermon at you tube:

    Are we really Catholic Men?