Today is Swiss Guard Day…

… To celebrate I intend to stalk them on Facebook. Or maybe I’ll just make a “Can’t hug all the Swiss Guards” video instead.

More: Los guardias suizos del Papa estrenan web, fan page en Facebook y canal en YouTube; Pope to Swiss Guards- The Secret of Your Work in the Vatican is Constant Reference to Christ; Pope Meets With Swiss Guard.

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  • Timothy Canny

    In honor of Swiss Guard Day I submit the following:

    Q: What is the essential attribute the Vatican looks for in those wishing to join the Swiss Guard?

    A: It is crucial that all candidates be holey. 

    If anyone needs me I will be at confession. 

  • Centrale

    Dear Patheos

    Thank you very much for the nice publicity for our new
    Facebook profile!

    We already have 700 “like”!

    Your Pontifical Swiss Guard

    • Katrina Fernandez

      You can repay my kindness by granting me a tour of the barracks. I promise to contain my … um… enthusiasm.