when was the last time you invited someone to mass…

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  • The Ubiquitous

    Call me a negative Nancy, but I have a big problem with portions of this video.

    • Mitch

       As far as initiatives to get people to come to Mass don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Just my two cents

      • http://prodigalnomore.wordpress.com/ The Ubiquitous

        Fair call —- except certain portions of this are bad enough that it’s more like letting the bad be the enemy of the good. This is perfectly reasonable.

  • NY Mom

    It’s a step in the right direction.

     I’d love to know if they’re actors or real testimonies/commentaries.  I especially liked Mike-the-retired-pilot’s solemn demeanor. His humility seemed authentic.

  • Noe

    And that from WVa?…

  • John Gordon

    Huh… last TWO times we’ve invited people to Mass (and they came), parishioners said, “What is SHE doing here.” Neither one has come back. surprise surprise. That MAY just be our parish (or our town)