Fighting The Urge To Punch – Obama and The Al Smith Dinner …

… Look, I loathe Obama as much as the next guy. I think he’s a baby hating, Kenya born, secret Muslim who holds our country in contempt. Oh, and Michelle is his “beard”. Every dispicable opinion you can have of the man I hold. I’ve compared him to Hilter and Herod and if he invited me to dinner I would decline for fear of how I’d react if I got within arm’s reach. No, I would never do grievous bodily harm to another human being but some smug mugs are just begging for a good slap. No sin in that.

My human failings cause me to lose all charity when I think about Obama. I guess that makes me no better than rabid, raving liberals. I know that and I don’t deny it. I’m my own worst obstacle in the path to piety.

So the whole Dolan-Al-Smith-Dinner thing has really been a test for me. On the one hand, I am as confounded as the next, mainly because I can’t imagine anyone ever wanting to actually be in the same room with Obama. It’s not like he’d be good dinner conversation; he can’t hear anything over his own hubris. Personally, I’d rather dine with his more witty and likable teleprompter. There’s that and the whole embodiment of evil vibe he’s got going on. I can imagine only one other scenario slightly more uncomfortable.

Believe me, I understand the hurt and confusion this has caused many. For that reason alone I think the dinner is a very bad idea. Personally, I wish the invitation had never been extended and if Cardinal Dolan rescinds the invite you’ll hear no objection from me. What I don’t like is how it’s bred division and confusion among us. I’m with many who are asking “what the hell”! After the HHS mandate and Obama’s deliberate disregard for our beliefs and his blatant contempt for the Church you’re going to shake his hand and have a steak with the most villainous anti-Catholic, anti-Life president in our country’s history?!?

So, yes. I understand and sympathize with all the anger and frustration. I feel it too.

But then there’s the other hand; the other hand that keeps me from holding on to the anger and letting my righteous indignation spiral out of control. This other hand reminds me of what I know of Cardinal Dolan; his orthodoxy, zeal for Catholicism, good humor, kindness and charity. It doesn’t make sense when I take that into consideration. When I don’t understand something my only recourse is to trust. I must trust Cardinal Dolan with respect to his office. I must acknowledge that to publicly besmirch a Cardinal of the Church on the internet is also a major source of discord and as equally scandalous. I hate scandal. To call his actions into question, even after he’s made a statement clarifying his thinking, continues to cause confusion and hurt in the Catholic community.

Simcha Fisher writes;

Let Dolan be Dolan! He’s good at it. There are lots of ways of being like Christ. One of them is to trust people whose authority is legitimate… I’ll tell you one thing: it’s not Christlike to spend our days hunting around for the ways that other people fall short of [our] idea of what God wants from them.

Being a member of the laity does, at times, make one feel helpless; helpless to watch men do to our Church idiotic things we don’t understand. That’s why we must do as we are asked, and Cardinal Dolan has asked for our prayers. If you find yourself ever wondering what on earth to do, the answer is always the same and plainly simple… PRAY. Fervently pray.

Updated – Also of interest, Fr. Frank Pavone weighs in.

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  • Kat Wagner

    I’m just confused about the whole issue, and what people would have wanted Cardinal Dolan to do other than invite the president. Wouldn’t not inviting him have caused grave scandal, in that he would be the first president/presidential candidate not invited to this dinner? Or, the other option — canceling the whole dinner — wouldn’t that have been just as bad?

    My whole thought from the beginning has been that Cardinal Dolan must know what he’s doing, and I wasn’t concerned at all until people started freaking out. Now it’s just getting annoying.

    • Dan Cotton

      Bill Clinton was not invited in 1996 by Cardinal O’Connor and John Kerry was not invited in 2004 by Cardinal Egan. Both times the issue was abortion. There is a strong and recent precedent.

  • Michael O’Keefe

    I’m not confused. Civil and religious obligations are completely different. He wouldn’t give Obama Holy Communion. This just gives the Cardinal another chance to have polite public conversations with the President, where the President will be obligated to be polite. I think it’s brilliant. It’s not like Obama is an excommunicated, unrepentent Catholic. He is, at best, a Protestant in need of correction. Keep Calm and Pray on!

  • Cathy M.

    Thank you so much for articulating exactly what I would like to say! God Bless!!

  • Jeanne Chabot-Baril

    And then, there is the whole Jesus and Zacchaeus story which also caused scandal but eventually resulted in the conversion of the latter…

  • Bob

    On this:
    “I think he’s a baby hating, Kenya born, secret Muslim who holds our country in contempt.”
    Wait. Do you really think he’s a Kenyan-born secret Muslim?
    I’m asking because I’m trying to determine whether your Obama hatred just unhinges you (which is not uncommon, and it’s perfectly fine), or whether you are an actual, Birther/conspiracy theorist.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      I think he has unnatural loyalties to Islam that are incompatible with his office. I have not seen evidence completely convincing me that he is US born or Kenya born.

      • Bob

        What have you seen that makes you think he has “loyalties to Islam”? What would make such loyalties, for him or anyone, “unnatural”? It’s not clear what you mean by that term, unnatural, in this context. And why would being Muslim be “incompatible” with the office of president?
        Finally, what would “completely convince” you of his birth place?

        • I’m a Bob, too

          Loyalties to Islam: Obama bowing to the Saudi Crown Prince. (

          I suppose they’re not unnatural if he’s actually a closet Muslim. But he says he’s a Christian. And he’s occupying The Most Powerful Office on the Planet, so one normally wouldn’t expect to see The Most Powerful Man on the Planet bow to a fellow head of state. I don’t recall the Crown Prince returning the bow in the video of the incident.

          Why would being a secret Muslim (or having Muslim-leanings) be incompatible with the office of President? Well, because a good portion of the Islamic world is interested in subjugating the West under its brand of misogynistic barbarism. Most Americans want their president to be 100% against that idea.

          Convincing evidence: I can’t speak for Kat, because I believe he was born in Hawaii. But I believe his upbringing was so far from the norm that he doesn’t have the usual warm fuzzy feelings about America that you’d expect from a president. Which would explain why he was so comfortable with spending twenty years listening to Jeremiah Wright’s rabidly anti-American sermons.

          • Bob

            Looks like he’s just leaning down to shake his hand to me.
            Maybe a little deep. Whatever. I don’t see it as evidence of fealty. I guess I
            was looking for something more substantive than an ambiguous photo as evidence
            that the president “is interested in subjugating the West under its brand
            of misogynistic barbarism.”

            Gosh, I don’t know, like maybe some policy he’s put in
            place, or legislation he’s proposed, or something he’s actually done.
            Where’s the Sharia Law Appreciation Day, or the Hug A Terrorist initiative?

            I got no problem with hating Obama. As a man who hated George
            W. Bush, I say, if you want to hate Obama, knock yourself out. But hate him for
            stuff that’s real. Hate him because he’s pro-choice or because he spends too
            much. Don’t lower yourself by trading in slimy innuendo. Don’t reveal yourself
            to be the kind of person who is so small-hearted and narrow-minded that you’ll
            question his patriotism and even his citizenship based on some photograph, or
            some conspiracy theory about his birth certificate.

            I worry in particular about two things: First, the whole
            guilt-by-association thing. If someone has actual evidence of anti-Americanism
            in the president’s policies, let’s hear it. But every time someone
            accuses the president of being somehow less American than us good ole
            Nebraska-born white folks, all they can point to as evidence is some person he
            met once, or some preacher whose church he was a member of, or some nonsense about
            his birth certificate. Frankly, it’s ridiculous. It’s pitchfork, mob rule stuff,
            and it’s beneath us.

            Second, I worry a lot about anyone who seems to imply, as
            Kat does, that we ought to have some kind of religious test for public office.
            That’s why I asked her about that. I wanted to give a chance to clarify. I’m
            wondering whether she thinks sympathy toward a religion is somehow incompatible
            with public office. I would like to know everyone who thinks that there ought
            to be such a test. I am hoping they will identify themselves. Because I want to
            send each one, at my own expense, a big framed copy of Article VI,
            paragraph 3, of the United States Constitution. And with it, a note that
            would read, “Tonight and every night, include in your prayers a word of
            thanks that you were lucky enough to be born in a country founded by men so
            much wiser than yourself.”

          • Katrina Fernandez

            Sympathy to Islam is, as stated by the other Bob, not compatible with his office since Islam wants to destroy the West. I’m not sure what further clarification you need from me. As for proof, one has to look no farther than Israel. All of that is secondary, in my opinion, to the real reason the very sight of him makes me come unhinged…


            He is evil.

          • Bob

            Do you really want to go down the road of defining an entire religion by its fringe wings?

            Cause you’d have to figure out a way to defend these folks:


            Bigotry is evil, too.

          • Katrina Fernandez

            Islam’s core belief of domination is not a view held by just fringe groups.

          • Bob

            “Core belief of domination.” You have a background in Islamic theology?

            It’s quite a broadside to lodge against an entire religion, especially from someone whose own religion has throughout the generations been subject to unfair broadsides. Misogynist, papist, yadda, yadda.

  • Jackie

    I loved this post. It’s reflective of the way I feel, and you’re right. Trust and pray. I remind myself daily. Christ sat down with the sinners rather than do a SNAP and walk away. Cardinal Dolan is doing the same.

  • ds

    The Cardinal also invited a priest of phony “christian” polytheist religion that makes invalid baptisms in Christ’s name. Who’s belief on life issues interestingly coincides with the political winds.