The Dormition of Mary…

Neither the tomb, nor death could hold the Theotokos,
Who is constant in prayer and our firm hope in her intercessions.
For being the Mother of Life,
She was translated to life by the One who dwelt in her virginal womb.
Now go to mass!

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  • Patricia

    For Eastern Catholics, the Church year begins on
    Sept. 1st (not the Jan. 1st civil year). The last feast we
    celebrate is fittingly the Dormition of Our Most Holy Lady, the Mother of God & Ever-Virgin Mary. On the Eastern
    calendar, the 1st of the great feasts is the Birth of the Virgin (Sept.
    8th). We then relive all the events she lived through: the Annunciation,
    the Birth of Christ-God at the Nativity, the Holy Baptism in the Jordan, the
    public ministry of Christ, the Passion, the Cross, the Tomb, the Resurrection,
    the Ascension & the Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Now finally, as
    if to close the frame, we come to the end of the Virgin’s life on earth.

    From ancient times we have been taught that when Mary, the Mother God, fell
    asleep the whole company of the Apostles, except St. Thomas, was miraculously
    brought together in Jerusalem.
    Amid divine & heavenly praises they commended her soul into the hands of God & placed her body in a little tomb in Gethsemane.
    For 3 days a choir of Angels continued to sing above her tomb. On the
    3rd day, Thomas arrived. So that he could venerate the body that had
    birth to Christ God, the Apostles opened the tomb. They found not the
    body of
    the Mother of God but the winding sheet & the most beautiful &
    sweet-smelling flowers (tradition tells us it was basil). Mary’s body
    been taken up into the heavens by her Son. Flowers were blessed from the
    earliest times in both East & West. Over time, seeds & herbs
    used for
    medicinal purposes were also blessed, in commemoration of the many
    healings &
    blessings that were bestowed upon the pilgrims at Mary’s tomb. As is
    the custom in our parish, we will bring herbs from the garden (in
    particular, basil) to be blessed during tonight’s Divine Liturgy.

    The Book of Needs (Trebnyk or Euchologian)
    contains several possible prayers to bless seed, herbs and flowers, one of
    which is below:

    O Almighty, God from before all ages, by Your word alone You created out
    of nothingness the heavens, earth, sea and all things visible and invisible.
    You commanded that the earth bring forth plants and trees to serve both man and
    animal, each according to its need. In your infinite goodness You ordained that
    these plants serve not only as food but also as medicine for the sick body. We
    beseech You, bless this seed, these herbs and these flowers and bestow upon
    them Your blessing and endow them with Your power. Make them to serve man and
    animal alike as a defense against all sickness and every defilement, for You
    are our God, and we send up glory to You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and
    ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

    A blessed feast to you & your son!

    • Christine Hebert

      There were flowers blessed at church before Mass yesterday. It was the first time I had heard of the legend.

  • adorientem

    The joy of the feast to everyone. (Actually it’s a fast day, but whatever.)