Truly, Baby Jesus Weeps…

… Art restoration gone horribly wrong.

“The leftmost image is how the painting looked two years ago; the middle image is how it looked in July, when it was photographed for a catalog of regional religious art. The image on right is how it looked when the Centro went to check it out on August 6th after receiving the donation. Hmm.

The restored version is apparently the work of an octogenarian neighbor of the church, who, noticing the damage to the painting, took it upon herself to restore the painting “with good intentions” but “without asking permission,” as culture councillor Juan Maria de Ojeda put it. It became clear to the amateur restorer — quickly, one imagines — that “she had gotten out of hand,” and she confessed to local authorities.” [Source]

Actually, I’ve seen worse. A lot worse.

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  • terry

    This is a joke I hope, The restoration is not even close – it would have been better to leave it alone.

  • Gina

    Ugh, that’s awful.

  • Julie

    This reminds me a great deal of the statues in my mother’s hometown parish. As a child, I was terrified of them–they were painted in garish hues, and all of them, even St Joseph, sported what seemed like bright red lipstick. Apparently this was not always so. The old Italian statues had become chipped with age, and a local woman volunteered to take them home and spiff them up a bit. She used whatever paint she had on hand, including the stuff left over from painting the barn.