Caption Contest…

… Please no election related captions. I’ve had all I can take. I’ve done my patriotic duty and voted. Now I’m going to do what I do every election… eat chocolate, drink beer, and go to bed early. Wake me up when it’s over.

The winning caption gets props on my blog. What? You thought there’d be real prizes?

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  • Jeff Miller

    This should take care of the problem with priest who has that new industrial incense burner.

  • Jeff Miller

    At first I thought a feedbag as part of the habit would be a good idea.

  • Jeff Miller

    Put on the full armor and gas mask of God.

  • Jeremiah Palm

    Sister Agnes of the Child Jesus landed on Mars on November the 11th 20-. Ten days later the first Catholic Parochial School would begin classes. History will remember this moment as the beginning of the Great Catholic Revival.

  • Werner Fee

    YouTube recommends: Liturgical dancing meets Industrial dance

  • Michael Richer

    I hate Holy Smokes!

  • Michael Richer

    Sister was put in charge of the Sistine Chapel stove at the next conclave…

  • Tony Rossi

    What are you looking at? I always wear this when Mother Superior cooks beans for dinner.

  • J

    Hey Archbishop – easy with the thurible!

  • JKM

    Smoke of Satan? Nah, that’s just exhaust from the Bus the Nuns are on.

  • maman04

    sigh…I hate when Father O’Malley breaks out the incense

  • IC

    Sr. Mary Frances: Pure of heart and now pure of cigarette smoke.

  • ds

    Chili night at the soup kitchen required certain unusual precautions…

  • Bailey Walker

    The LCWR’s attempt to silence members of traditional Orders was a public relations nightmare.

  • Noe

    Given the regular missile attacks how about;

    ?ברוכים הבאים לישראל

  • FuquaySteve

    I wish we’d stop serving beans at every single meal.

  • Brer Rabbert

    Are you my mummy?

  • Michael

    {In a Darth Vader voice} Luke, I’m your Reverend Mother

  • Joseph Moore

    In the world but not of the world means I shouldn’t have to smell it.

  • Joseph Moore

    Sister Mary Solidad is attending her *second* LCWR conference.

  • John Homa

    I can smell your sin from here and, I ain’t gonna tolerate it anymore.

  • Barbara Worn

    Post-apocalyptic nun sports new habit.

  • Brad

    Just in case mother superior’s body was not incorruptible.

  • Audrey the Wench

    The new steampunk habits never really caught on within the religious orders but oddly enough were briefly picked up by as a fashion trend among Japanese teenagers.