How to make me giddy as a Catholic fangirl…

… Put the two objects of my undying affection in one single photo.

Happy Monday, y’all.

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  • tj.nelson

    He’s aging well.

  • Agnes B. Bullock

    you forgot your third obsession, er, love- MAN LACE!

    What a wonderful bishop he will be when he gets a diocese!

  • Brian Sullivan

    I was expecting Michael Voris and Tard. Wait, same thing.

  • Stefanie Vance

    Aw, the other George…(The first George will always be George Lucas…but I digress…)

    I almost didn’t recognize the new Archbishop with his new high hat! I loved how overwhelmed he seemed throughout the ceremony …and that he ‘coattailed’ his motto and ‘shield’ on Papa B’s!!!! Awesome.