Stop What You’re Doing And Look At It…

… LOOK AT IT! Be still my fangirl heart!

Archbishop Georg Ganswein, Pope Benedict’s private secretary, who has been dubbed “Gorgeous George” by the Italian media, is now a real-life cover boy. The prelate has landed on the cover of Vanity Fair.

The magazine calls Ganswein “The George Clooney of St Peter’s” and says it dedicated a cover story to honor his recent promotion to the rank of archbishop and as recognition of his growing power in the Roman Catholic Church.

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  • tj.nelson

    Very seriously, pray even more for him. The more one is celebrated for handsomeness (beauty) and grace the more temptation to rejoice in it, or take some satisfaction from it, increases. Not many can escape the sting of flattery and the seductive effects of being desired.

  • Melinda Loustalot

    I agree the poor soul needs prayers more than ever now. . I would hope he’s somewhat unaware of this attention, but likely he knows to some degree. .we have a rather attractive monsignor in our diocese the ladies call “Father O’Whatashame” in private and the attention they give him when he visits our parish resembles the fans at a Justin Bieber concert (not really, but you get my meaning. . ) His duties generally keep him at the diocesan headquarters thank goodness. . likely for the protection of his soul. .

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Oh, I would never call any many who gives his life to Christ Fr. Whatawaste or Fr. Whatashame. It’s never a shame or waste. Why? Just because he happens to be attractive. Part of Ganswein’s charm is his love of the Church and faithful way he serves our Pope. That’s why I love the man. Him being handsome is just the cherry on top.

  • dymphna

    Now, now, challice chipping is a sin.

  • Sarah

    Yeah, the attention this Archbishop’s attractiveness is getting kind of creeps me out…