A little something to hold ya over…

… I will be MIA for a few days. Various forces are converging on our nation’s capitol and duty calls. By “duty” I of course mean lots of Catholic nerdy stuff, good food, and fine drink. In the meantime, please accept this picture of a very molto bello Swiss guardsman as an offering in reparation for my absence. Now let us quietly sigh and thank the Lord for His most wonderful creation… man. Handsome, dark eyed, chisel jawed, Catholic man.

Image source.

Hey… I’m not objectifying; just noting God does mighty work. Amen.

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  • Allison

    “… not objectifying; just noting God does mighty work. Amen.”

    That’s what I tell myself. Totally legit.

    Just admiring the beauty of God’s creation. Besides, he is made in the Image and Likeness of God so would it not follow that admiring his aesthetics be an indirect way of paying honor and showing gratitude to God?

  • Sally Thomas

    Heh. My college-student daughter just called from Rome to say that she spent the weekend on a silent retreat while the Swiss Guards were having a non-silent retreat in the same place. She said she and her girlfriends would be walking along, not talking, and the Swiss Guards would call, “Hey, where are you from?” And all the girls could do was smile and wave. And then go swoon.

  • Sally Thomas

    And I know I’m old, because what I’m primarily thinking is, “Hmm, good-looking nice Catholic son-in-law . . . nice pretty Catholic grandbabies . . . “

  • angelapea

    He does indeed do great work! Amen!