Someone Asks, Why Am I Catholic…

… especially since being Catholic is so very unpopular right now, what with the same-sex “marriage” stuff going on in SCOTUS. Eh. I’ve never been that popular anyway.

I was given a 200 word limit to explain why I’m Catholic and I can assure I don’t need more than one single sentence and few visually stunning images that reflect the reality of Catholicism.

I am Catholic because Catholicism is Truth and outside of Truth there is nothing else.

Van Weyden

Giuseppe Molteni

Jan Povost

Now if I could just figure out a way to make this post scratch and sniff.

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  • Fr John Corrigan

    How very Chestertonian!

  • Maggie

    That image of a woman confessing is unbelievably beautiful.

  • Andrea Abate

    I wish it wasn’t true, because it’s not fun to be at odds with the world. It would be nice not to have my blood pressure go up when people mock our teachings on birth control/gay “marriage”/abortion/male only priesthood/etc. It would be SO much easier not to care about these things and go about my daily life. But it IS true and it compels me to care and fight. If the Church ever changed these teachings I’d have to become atheist and would end up in despair. If people only knew how freeing the Catholic Faith is.

  • Jane Hartman

    And then have a Palestrina soundtrack…. Such a good post!

  • Allen Thornburgh

    Kat, thank you for posting”why I am Catholic”, it is the most succinct proclamation I’ve heard. I will use it.

  • Ron

    Great post. I love the response writer Walker Percy gave when asked why he was a Catholic: “What else is there?”

  • Casey Shaw Shanley

    Love the photo of our beloved Benedict….