Très Bien Thursday…

… Because I figured you all needed a little treat having put up with my junk all week. And really, why wait till Molto Bello Monday to enjoy a little gratuitous Gänswein?

And a little Swiss Guard too. Blog can always use a little more Swiss Guard.

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  • Heloise1

    The diet must be going better! Bless you Dear.

  • Heloise1

    To expand on your theme of male beauty. I saw one of those rare summer pleasures of mine this morning. Well, almost. I spotted a really studly and colorful male lizard wooing his lady friend. Lizard love! Seldom seen, beautiful to behold and very very graceful.
    Alas, the dog spotted the bright green and yellow fellow too, and scattered both lovers into the rocks.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    Did you feed the 2nd one a cheese sandwich?

  • Nan

    Your new tagline: The Crescat, now with more Swiss Guard.

  • Nan

    Or the alternate: The Crescat, now with more Gänswein.