Chupacabra, Alien, or Devil Dog. Just a Typical Evening In Rural North Carolina…

… Have I mentioned lately how hard it is to get adjusted to living in a rural area? There’s the being so secluded no one can hear your screams freaky, the unpredictable and hostile animals freaky, and the monsters in the woods freaky. And don’t get me started on the insects! But this weekend added a whole new level to the freakiness that is my everyday life.

I saw a Chupacrabra Friday night. At least that is what everyone is telling me I saw. Or maybe it was a mountain lion… in this very non-mountainous region just outside Charlotte, North Carolina. Oooo, I know. It was a coyote with mange… that was the slightly larger than a standard great dane or mastiff. No, the consensus seems to be that what I saw was the mythical creature, chupacrabra. Illegally crossing the border from South America, no doubt.

I’ll tell you what I saw and you can decide.

Friday evening, right around midnight, my son & I were walking home from a neighbor’s house. Family game night got a little competitive and everyone lost track of time. Now we live in a fairly rural area so I will contend that it was dark outside. But not that dark. The night was clear and the moon bright enough so that we didn’t need a flash light. And then we saw it…

It jumped out of the shadows and made a dash across the yard. It was a very large black thing that looked like a giant dog. It was definitely not a deer judging from it’s gait. Once we spotted each other from across the yard it gave two quick bark like growls as a warning. When it saw we weren’t moving away the chupacabre thing ran toward us growling like a dog & hissing like a cat. Then proceeded right passed us towards the fence where it bounded over the barrier and ran off down the hill on TWO LEGS. And no, I had not been drinking.

After poking around online trying to find a natural explanation, the closest thing I found was a baby black bear with mange. No other animal makes sense. A coyote is too small and mountain lions aren’t in this region. Bears though. We have those occasionally. A small bear fits the size description and could run off on two legs. So yeah. I’m going with mangy bear.

Bear it is. Because any of the other alternatives are too frightening and would require the services of a priest and gallon of holy water.

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  • tj.nelson

    I wonder if you should go back into rehab now?
    Just kidding.
    Yesterday my neighbor was weeding his garden when he spied through the fence my cat and he freaked – thinking it was a skunk. I love people who drink.

  • PeonyMoss

    Gray fox, perhaps?

  • Stephanie Richer

    I need to come out for a weekend, armed with my Canon, a trip wire, a night scope, my Kimber .45 ACP, and a 40 of malt liquor. Oh, and a Yoko Ono CD, so the screams make it think there is wounded prey. I’ll figger this out for ya.

  • Britny Fowler

    I’ve got about a gallon of Old Rite Holy Water and a bit of Blessed and exorcized salt if ya need it. :P lol yeah I think I’ll join you on the bear assumption… and hope the result has nothing to do with the saying associated with said word.

  • Manny

    Are you sure you didn’t over do on the moonshine? :-P

  • Nan

    Definitely a werewolf. Doesn’t your parish sell convenient gallon sized holy water bottles? Mine does. Kidding.

    I have about a quart of it though.

  • Lydia

    If it’s a chupacabra the first thing you need to do is research. May I recommend the truly amazing film, Chupacabra Terror, starring John Rhys-Davis, better known as Gimli the dwarf? Seriously though, that’s freaky.

    • wrestling

      I agree that watching the movie Chupacabra Terror is a start to some good research.

  • Nan
  • Anna

    Back when I was in college (1996 or so), the Dallas Morning News ran a mostly straight-faced piece about the chupacabra. A friend and I thought it was hilarious (“Mrs. Gonzales is afraid to let her grandchildren play outside where the prickly pear grows tall in west Texas”: kind-of reporting mixed in with melodramatic phrasing) and photocopied it and left the copies all over campus to warn everyone. So, hey, I’ll believe you about either a bear or the chupacabra.

  • RLeón

    Although there is a high concentration of them in your part of the country, it couldn’t have been a Devil Dog, they don’t hiss like cats. They usually bark or scream ooh rah and yut yut a lot.

  • Gloria Laudes

    Most definitely a really really really large raccoon:

  • Cassidy H.

    You definitely saw a chupacabra. I saw a dinosaur once. Quit laughing. It ran across the road while I was driving in rural, middle TN. No drugs, alcohol, or sleep deprivation were (was? too tired to care…) involved. Just a huge reptile running across the road like his butt was on fire. The realist part of myself calls me a moron frequently. It couldn’t possibly be a dinosaur. I’ve just never found another logical explanation. Possibly a huge escaped iguana? It didn’t look iguana-like. So, yeah. Not sure why I felt like sharing.

  • Stephen Lowe

    It definitely was a shark.

  • James H, London

    Creepylicious – people talk about wereleopards in S Africa. And the Drakensberg mountains are so called because a dragon was sighted here in 1870.