Boys Are Gross…

… What do these things have in common?

2 pairs of clean underwear
3 pairs of clean socks
1 toothbrush
1 small tube of toothpaste

Why these are all things a boy will pack when going on a weekend camping trip. These are also all things they will never use. Not even once.

Also, my son learned that pooping in a trash bag is better than digging a cat hole.

Gross. Double gross. Triple gross with worms on top.

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  • doughboy

    And we still end up being lovable despite the grossness. Admit it, you’re just jealous.

  • OldWorldSwine

    Deodorant on a camping trip? Yer doin’ it wrong!

  • joannemcportland

    Deodorant? BWAAH-HAA-HAA! Do you want the varmints they’re scouting to be alerted by the wave of Axe? And they were cleaning their teeth with split willow twigs, obviously. AS for underwear and socks, they’re only needed if you have to change out of the ones you’ve got. And if you get the hang of outdoor pooping, not gonna be necessary. :)

  • Christine Hebert


  • perpper

    ” … pooping in a trash bag is better than digging a cat hole.”

    Pack it out, you know … bleahhhh

  • Eugene Edward Yeo

    You know… I always preferred digging a cat hole. But then, I also brought the awesome four-ply extra-soft with-lotion toilet paper. He *should* be changing his socks on a camping trip. That’s important.

    Protip: keep each pair of socks in a separate ziplock bag .

  • Augustine

    Skirts and powdered noses: the weirdest animals on earth! Yet, they are so cute!

  • Tony

    Rule of the Universe #47: Great advances in civilization require many exercises in grossness first … think about a coal mine, a swamp to drain, animals to domesticate, large fields to manure, game to hunt and butcher ….

    • Katrina Fernandez

      That’s why God made me a prissy little girl. I love and appreciate men but I am profoundly grateful I am not one.

  • tj.nelson

    When the boy grows up this post will be held against you.

    • Jordan

      Presuming said boy grows up and learns to change his underwear every day, which doesn’t always happen, lol.

      • Eugene Edward Yeo

        This is true. Some of us just learn to go without.

    • Katrina Fernandez


  • Tim Canny

    The scouting motto is “Be Prepared” so if he used them then he wouldn’t be prepared when he needed them. It’s simple logic, really.

  • Romulus

    Boys should learn how to do the cat hole thing. I have dug my share. But campgrounds that are over-used have no place left to go: the field toilet is a concession to the reality that another group will be coming through next week, and more the week after that. And speaking as one now well into middle age, who used a field toilet this year for the first time, let me tell you: it was heavenly.