Diet Update: Week Two…

… Eat all the gravy. Stab all the people.

I’m so bored with it. I miss food. I just enjoy eating too much. Savory comfort foods. Spicy ethnic dishes in rich creams. Sweet tea and butter biscuits. I’ve traded all that I love for carrot sticks and cardboard seasoned with a side of sawdust.

I’ve just never eaten like this before – solely for the sake of avoiding starvation and scurvy. I’ve taken something I enjoy and turned it into a tedious, loveless chore. I suppose this is how couples who are trying to conceive feel about sex after awhile. Blah.

And let’s talk about serving sizes. I learned a hard lesson last weekend when I decided to reward my myself for a week well done with a frozen pizza. I use “reward” loosely. The pizza was some whole grain abomination that tasted only slightly better than the box it came in. Crazy me, I thought one small pizza = one serving. Only when I went to enter the meal into my food diary did I realize a single serving was only 1/3 of a pizza.

The pizza was my only failure in the past seven days. And again, I really do feel fantastic and have more energy. But I am so utterly miserable mourning the loss of food.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, I gained two pounds.

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  • AMoniqueOcampo

    It’s gonna take some time. But writing about this helps. Believe me, you should be glad that you’re not allergic to anything as far as I know.

  • perpper

    (1) I have never had better sex than when we were trying to conceive. So you never know.
    (2) Have you looked into low-carb rather than what sounds like low-fat? For some people, it makes all the difference, both in results and in ability to persevere.
    (3) Prayers for you going up.

  • Nan

    Now you’re being silly. Avoiding scurvy is why there’s a slice of lime in your gin and tonic. The tonic water wards off malaria. Gin? That’s just something to flavor the tonic water with.

  • Sarah S

    Why don’t you skip the low-fat dieting and take a look at Paleo/Primal? Bacon, eggs, butter, coconut milk, and all sorts of other delicious food. It’s life-changing, and a great way to eat for life!

    • Sarah S

      Check out Mark’s Daily Apple :)

  • cathblax

    Stick with it. I know it does really feel like you’re being punished-at least that’s how I felt/feel because I was always comforted and rewarded with food. But on the bright side you will be amazed at how great you look and feel once the pounds start coming off-and they will!

  • Marni

    I’ll say a prayer for you. I had to something like this too due to a medical condition. I learned how to make salad dressing in my food processor and started making salads and healthy foods like squash soup. A cookbook with lots of ideas for veggies might help.

  • Quittin’ time at Tara!

    Fear motivates me… I picture my kiddos dealing with a quarrelsome, overweight elderly parent who needs a triple bypass and trolls Walmart in a cart, shopping for tent dresses. Yup. Puts me off my feed every time.

  • Albertan

    The surprising thing is that eating normal animal fats won’t make you fat, but the carbs really wreak havoc. It’s not the butter on the toast, it’s the toast. Grains to be approached with caution, especially wheat.

  • Rebecca Duncan

    people I know who’ve done diets have a ‘treat weekend’ like every couple of weeks or once a month.

  • CCYM

    Check out the Fast Diet – 5 days of eating normally and two days of fasting (500 calories allowed for women on those days). There’s a website that will tell you more and a book you can get used from
    Amazon for about 6 dollars. Way better than depriving yourself everyday. Anyone can handle two days. I’ll be rooting for you!

  • CT Catholic Corner

    Years ago when I “cut back on food” (I don’t like the “D” word) after the birth of my kids, I simply put all my meals on a small dessert plate. I was cutting back on what I ate, so I did lose weigh and I never starved or missed out on good stuff. I just ate very small portions of all those good comfort foods and I didn’t have to make separate meals for my family. It worked for me, maybe you can give that a try??

  • David Parkhurst

    I agree with some of the other commenters here; low-carb/paleo is much healthier and will get you better results. In fact, I would avoid most “low-fat” foods altogether; you’re body knows how to process fat, you will feel fuller sooner eating natural fats, and most “low-fat” foods are full of sugar and additives that are far worse for you.

    If you try to reduce or eliminate processed foods in general, you will find that you won’t even need to count calories. You should cut down on carbs and sugar, but if you’re really craving a chocolate cake, fine: just make it from scratch. A good rule of thumb is: if your great-great-grandmother recognizes what your eating as food, than you should be ok.