Getting All Christmas Rant-y Up in this piece…

Mary’s pregnancy was not unplanned, m’kay.

It was perfectly planned by God. To say that Mary’s pregnancy was unplanned implies an accident of chance and diminishes Her powerful “yes” to God’s will. The fact that she willingly accepted to become the Mother of God shows us that the Incarnation was not a mere unplanned event. God sought Mary’s permission and she obediently accepted. There was nothing unplanned about this miraculous event at all. Capisce?

And all this bosh about the Holy Family being homeless or Jesus being born to unwed mother. It sounds like something absurd the media would misquote the Pope saying.

This idea completely overlooks Mary’s husband, you know, St. Joseph. Also, being shut out of local inns during a huge census does not equal homelessness. Mary and Joseph had a home. Jesus had a home and was raised in this home under the care of two loving, and very married, parents. Would you suddenly be homeless if you found all the hotels booked on your next vacation? No. Enough already.

Oh, and if took down your Christmas tree today or plan to by this weekend, anathema sit and a pox on your family. It’s still technically Christmas till January 12th. If you haven’t gotten a Christmas card from me yet, now you know why.

And yes, I got a dog. And no, your dog training tips are about as welcome as parenting tips to a new mom. Especially if that mom already has like a dozen kids. This isn’t my first time at the dog park. Speaking of dog parks, I’ve met some really unhinged folks at these places with their unwelcome advice and “fur babies”. In the past week I’ve learned there are as many dog training techniques as their are parenting styles.

This is a real thing.

I was practically accused of animal cruelty because I make my dog carry all his junk, and yes, dogs have a lot of junk. Poop bags, collapsible water dishes, treats, balls, tiny kitchen sinks. It’s kind of like having a baby all over again, except I would make my baby carry all his crap.

Image source.

I’ll even throw in my keys and cell phone. Someone call PETA!

Oh, and I am out of eggnog.

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  • Candace

    Awesomeness all the way around, and I make my fur kid carry all of her stuff too.

  • Barbara Bowman

    Yeah, you tell ‘em, Crescat!

  • priest’s wife

    yes. that is all.

  • Barbara Fryman

    If my dog were a kid she would have fewer toys and be grounded all the time.

    Bad news round here is that our godforsaken tree is OTD as soon as I can trash it. It has fallen over and the kid forgot to water it, so it’s a shedding mess of fire hazard. I’ll keeps crèche, but I’m trashing the tree. I feel Jesus is probably pretty cool as long as we give his birthday it’s due. If not, I suppose it’s just more fuel to the fires of purgation.

    Merry Christmas!

  • dancingcrane

    Well…the pregnancy was unplanned as far as Mary and Joseph were concerned. They simply accepted God’s will, like we all should. It’s another way to say all pregnancies are planned by God, and we should accept them as such, whatever our circumstances.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Mary said “yes” therefore it was not unplanned. It’s not like she woke up one morning and *boom* was pregnant. God sorta asked first.

      • The Pinoy Catholic

        The crux of that meme is “Did Mary plan to get pregnant?” When the angel Gabriel asked her to be the Mother of God, she did not plan it. She gave her Yes to God’s plan. Any Catholic can see that this meme talks about the planning of Joseph and Mary. They planned to get married, not Mary getting pregnant. This meme was shared by former Planned Parenthood employee Abby Johnson who is now an avid pro-lifer. Can’t you see the wisdom behind this meme? It does not in any way undermine God’s plan for all of us.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Doggy backpacks are awesome. My big old fellow not only carries all his own stuff, but our water bottles and a bag of beans to balance the load. And he gets EXCITED about it!

  • alwr

    THANK YOU! This meme really bugged me for all the reasons you stated. God had a plan for salvation and Mary said yes.

  • Nan

    Hahahahhahahaha! I want a picture of the tiny kitchen sink! Thanks for the laugh, I really needed it.

  • AMoniqueOcampo

    At least you don’t carry your dog around in your purse. Wish I could be sharing a glass of merlot with you.

  • Todd Flowerday

    The homeless bit took place when the Holy Family were on the run in Egypt. I’ve heard the refugee bit cited a little more often than homelessness, which, given Joseph’s marketable skills, probably didn’t last long.

    I don’t have a problem with people turning their Nativity Scenes slightly askew to make a point. It’s a heck of a lot more accurate than saying Jesus was born to an upper-middle class family in the American suburbs. From all outside appearances, even to Joseph, this pregnancy was highly suspect. We don’t all benefit from an angel whispering in our ear when we’re approaching the wrong conclusion about someone where we don’t know the full facts.

    • Ann

      The only person who would have been suspicious was Joseph. He and Mary were legally betrothed. It was as good as married. There were occasionally couples who did not wait until the bride moved in, in which case she was moved into her husband’s home ahead of schedule. As long as Joseph took Mary into his home, the neighbors most likely assumed that this was the case.

      • Todd Flowerday

        Could be. Being refugees in Egypt from Herod’s genocide was definitely noticed by the neighbors, though.
        I think Katrina’s rant is a little off-kilter, though. Some people like their Christmas comfy and cozy, and others recognize there were a lot of gritty details. Details that many of us would reject, if we lacked the hindsight.
        I’m sure the Blessed Mother approves of mercy and gentleness with mothers with unplanned pregnancies, with political refugees, and such. Even if it’s not very Republican an attitude.

  • The Pinoy Catholic

    Katrina you wrote “There was nothing unplanned about this miraculous event at all” Did Mary or Joseph plan Mary to get pregnant? Just a Yes or No.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Yes. Just not how they thought it would happen. The plan was set in motion the moment Mary said “yes”.

  • David

    What makes you say it’s Christmas until January 12th?

    Other than that, agree with the other posters who state it was, for all intents and purposes, “unplanned”. From Mary’s point of view, it was unexpected and a shock, regardless of the fact she gave her yes to it.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      the liturgical calendar.

  • Thomas R

    I thought Christmas ended on Epiphany. Although looking it up I guess the Liturgical calendar does have Christmas go on until the 12th.

  • Caroline Moreschi

    That dog looks just like my darling Lab mix that I received as a puppy when I was 8, grew up with me, and died while I was away at college. Looking for Kleenex….