Parent Shaming and $3M Dollar Shelves Disguised As Art…

In today’s Shitty Art News… parents let kid climb on 3 million dollar Ikea shelves. Parents and child immediately shamed on Twitter by uppity Brooklyn gallery owner.

The shelving installation disguised as art is the only horrible thing I see in this photo. I don’t know, the poor kid just looks bored and maybe the parents were just distracted or didn’t recognize it for art or any number of scenarios we simply can’t tell from this single photo. The internet shaming gallery owner stated the parents got defensive when she confronted them, but who really knows. We weren’t there.

Anyway, has it come to this? Don’t do anything remotely silly or questionable in public folks, lest you be publicly shamed and told by people who don’t know a thing about you that you should never breed or wear ugly hats or something.

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  • Debbo

    My friends would call that “alleged art.”
    Years ago, one of my daughters sat on what she thought was a chair at an art museum. Nope, it was someone’s artwork. That was before the days of Twitter, otherwise we could have ended up like this couple.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Alert DSS!

  • RufusChoate

    Interesting to see that Modern “Art” is both flimsy and meaningless and your children, that peculiar group of people who see through every artifice for the truth, are suppose to be aware of its artistic content when it is simply silly rubbish.

  • Augustine

    As the boy would say: that art has no clothes.

  • Thomas Collins

    He’s a performance artist! The museum should hire him.

  • GeekLady

    Wow. Even the canvas filled edge to edge with dead flies in Houston’s Art Museum was recognizable as an attempt at art.

  • Levedi

    How about basic respect for other’s property? I don’t like this piece of art either, but that wouldn’t give me the right to sit on it and potentially damage it. This is basic good manners, people. Don’t damage others’ property. Don’t abuse others’ property. Don’t indulge your children’s whims when they infringe on the rights of others. Why are you defending these parents? They took their kids to an art gallery. They knew where they were and what the rules were when they went inside. If the kids are bored then they can politely say “I’m bored. Can we go home?” And if little Timmy just can’t cope with standing up for five more minutes then maybe the onus is on the parents to deal with that, not on the gallery owner to let them use her store as a jungle gym. If the behavior went on long enough for someone to snap a picture, it went on too long.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      And you gathered all that from one photo and feels it justifies internet shaming and bullying. I hope your kids don’t misbehave in public. Heaven forbid.

      For clarification, the internet shamer does not own the Tate Gallery in London. She owns a gallery in NYC. The Tate Gallery responded with more class and privately addressed the parents.

    • Lily

      It’s Tate Modern (not the Tate Gallery). Tate Modern has form on including interactive artworks that people have been encouraged to climb on, slide down, feel, walk around, lie on. It especially encourages young people. It is a publically owned gallery. It usually has alert member of staff to intervene when people get the wrong idea.

      Also, the owner-of-some-other-random-rinky-dink-gallery-in-another-country claims to have told the parents that the work was worth $10mm which is simply an absurd lie, so I wouldn’t be surprised that they dismissed him entirely.