Stunning Contemporary Icon of St. Michael …

This particular icon was created by joining different types of stone together, called an opus sectile icon. You can see the artist’s process here at Orhtodox Arts Journal. It’s really quite exquisite the way this icon strikes a beautiful balance between ornate detail and simplicity.

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  • Quittin’ time at Tara!

    Now THIS is sacred art: beautiful in proportion, symmetry, execution. Just lovely.

  • tj.nelson

    Magnificent! I’m so impressed.

  • MeanLizzie

    It’s my new wallpaper. I wish I could own it.

  • Awkpearl

    Stunning….and more and more breathtaking the more I study it!

  • James H, London

    Elegant simplicity.

    This is what we’ve been waiting for, all these years!

  • Manny

    Very nice!